I’ve previously written extensively about this, my all-time favourite single, and so I won’t waste on your precious time this Sunday morning. Oh, and just to make it 100% clear….it’s the 12″ original version from 1983 that tops my all-time personal chart.

Few things to mention.

Firstly, it hadn’t occurred to me until Hooky mentioned it in his book that this was the first New Order effort without the involvement of Martin Hannett.

Secondly, the re-recording of the song for inclusion in the CD compilation Substance in 1987, is not one fondly remembered by the band. The idea was to try and make it sound more the way it did in the live setting but it ended up stripping out far too many of the lot of the subtle nuances in the 7″ and 12″ originals. It’s not one I’m keen on albeit it is the best known version thanks to its inclusion on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Thirdly, another new version was recorded by the band in 1998.  It’s fairly similar to the earlier 1987 version, but given they didn’t like it to begin with this was perhaps an effort to rectify things. It certainly is a vast improvement but at a touch over 4 minutes is a bit short for my liking.  Was made available via the Retro box set.

Finally, a reminder that the 7″ plays at 33-and-a-third rpm and the 12″ rotates properly at 45rpm. Not knowing that caused chaos the first time I played it.

mp3 : New Order – Temptation (7″)
mp3 : New Order – Hurt (7″)

mp3 : New Order – Temptation (12″)
mp3 : New Order – Hurt (12″)

mp3 : New Order – Temptation 87

mp3 : New Order – Temptation 98


7 thoughts on “THE NEW ORDER SINGLES (Part 4)

  1. The beauty of the 12″ is how it seems like you are joining a song that’s already been playing for 4 or 5 minutes and then it take you on an almost 9 minute trip that seems to end much, much too soon.
    It is the song which truly unshackled the band from its past.

  2. I too got thrown by the 33 for the single. Especially as i only bought it as i liked the cover (it was in a dept store bargain bin) and had no idea what it should sound like

  3. Top, top tune. You’re right, JC, the 12 inch version is best, just so much to enjoy and not a second too long.

  4. I remember hearing the 7″ getting played at 45rpm in Woolworth’s in Dundee, and the poor lassie who had put it on, not knowing any better, said, “They sound like Pinky and Perky, I’m not too sure I like that”. I had a wee chuckle to myself, left her in her blissful ignorance, but still remember her comment every time I hear this. Now, did she have blue eyes? did she have green eyes? Did…

  5. I agree with Echorich, it’s the song where they finally moved out of the Joy Division shadow, and started to sound like New Order.

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