Tempting as it was to again offer the chance to enjoy the captivating brilliance of Candyskin, I’ve decided to go with the 1980 debut single, as released on Codex Communications, the label especially formed by Angus Groovy, the band’s manager:-

mp3 : Fire Engines – Get Up And Use Me

Legend has it that the band recorded their entire repertoire in one go when they first entered the studios, and having presented them with a bill for the princely sun of £46, producer Wilf Smarties then advised on what should be the single and what should be its b-side:-

mp3 : Fire Engines – Everything’s Roses

The attention garnered by the single led to them signing with Fast Product on which  there would be two singles and one album, all  now held up as classics of their time although they bombed on release.



  1. The opening notes of Get Up And Use Me are among the greatest moments in Post Punk. The bedsit psychedelia of Everything’s Roses always reminds me of The Bunnymen circa Crocodiles…

  2. Saw and heard Davy and his Sexual Objects (or whatever they are called now) at the Jock Scot Memorial Night at the Neu Reekie/ Edinburgh Book Festival in August this year. The boy is looking well.
    Great to hear these again.
    He’s just a bit special that man! The rest of the Fire Crew were pretty great too!

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