This fantastic sounding record from 1986 is completely new to me.

I only found it from shoving the words ‘summer’ and ‘twee’ into a search engine to hunt out stuff for this series.  Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good…cos it’s more indie-pop than twee….although the cover star is twee personified.

The Summer Suns were from Perth, Australia. They have been described perfectly as playing a melodious blend of ’70s influenced pop and ’60s folk rock.

These are the a and b-sides of their mesmerising and hypnotic debut single.  I’ve a feeling my dear friend Aldo will love these; hopefully he won’t be alone:-

mp3 : The Summer Suns – Honeypearl
mp3 : The Summer Suns – Rachel-Anne


4 thoughts on “TEN DAYS OF TWEE (4) : THE SUMMER SUNS

  1. Thank you for this 1st peek at The Summer Suns. There is so much to enjoy. Both songs are a treat although Honey Pearl leans more towards twee to this listener. An instantly likeable band name and … that cover art. Superb.

  2. Nice find, first time I’ve heard the band. Give their song “Waiting For My Love” a listen, hopefully you will not be disappointed ……

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