From wiki:-

Formed in Providence, Rhode Island in 1987 by Jeffrey Borchardt (aka Jeffrey Underhill) (vocals, guitar), with Peter Reilly (bass, vocals), Christine Jansky (drums), Chris Adams (keyboards), & Claudia Gonson (drums). The band’s debut release was the “Hey Blue Sky!” single on Bus Stop Records in 1989. The band then moved on to Slumberland Records, who issued the next two singles in 1990-1991. Several more releases followed on Summershine, and Four-Letter Words, with the last on K Records.

A compilation of the band’s work was issued in 1997, Time Trials 1987-1995 on Summershine in the US, and Elefant in Spain.

The band were a major influence on many American indie pop and “cuddlecore” bands that followed, with Allmusic stating “their smooth, minimal three-piece pop approach and independent aesthetics served as a template for countless other scenes and projects”.

The band continued on with a new line-up of Jeffrey Underhill (vocals, guitar), Lisa Underhill (vocals, keyboards) and Rafael Attias (guitar), for a new EP on Bus Stop in 2003. The EP was described by the Boston Phoenix as “vintage pop, with flourishes of rootsiness, the Association, and the early electronic pop of Depeche Mode”.

Here’s the debut single along with one of the other early songs that would be released as a 45 in 1991:-

mp3 : Honeybunch – Hey Blue Sky!
mp3 : Honeybunch – Mine Your Own Business

The single seems very reminiscent of The Goon Sax while the two minutes of the second track certainly channels the sound of Bellshill.


4 thoughts on “TEN DAYS OF TWEE (3) : HONEYBUNCH

  1. I must admit, “cuddlecore” was a new one to me. A quick bit of research tells me that one of the leading lights of said genre were Bunnygrunt. Curiosity may well get the better of me before the day is out.
    It’s fair to say that I’m finding this series very enjoyable.

  2. In the interests of research I’ve listened to a number of Bunnygrunt tunes during my lunch break. I’m not a big one for assigning genres to music, but some of the tunes would sit well with this current series.
    They do have a Wiki entry and 531 followers on Spotify!

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