You’ll have spotted that I’ve been fond of the first two singles that were taken from Oranges and Lemons….and I’m happy to say that I give the thumbs-up to next 45:-

mp3 : XTC – The Loving

It wasn’t always this way. I didn’t take immediately to The Loving, but it’s one of those songs that I’ve grown increasingly fond of over the years. I was initially put off by its anthemic qualities and thinking it wasn’t distinct or quirky enough but as pop anthems go, it’s pretty decent. Another example of my tastes expanding as I get older.

It was released on 7″, 12″ and CD format. For once, there were no home demo songs. The common b-side to all three was also lifted from the album:-

mp3 : XTC – Cynical Days

Arguably, an even better song than the a-side, but far too complicated musically to stand any chance of getting radio play. Having said that, the fact that The Loving completely bombed means nothing would have been lost if this had been the band’s final single of the decade. It would have been an apt title.

The 12″ and CD contained a previously unreleased song:-

mp3 : XTC – The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men

It’s quite unexpected. But it has a sound I’m not that fond of…albeit I can see why some folk will think it’s a hidden gem.

It would more the best part of three years before XTC released their next batch of songs….but you don’t need to wait that long as I’ll be here next week as usual.



4 thoughts on “THE XTC SINGLES (Part 27)

  1. That’s a pretty astute assessment of the two songs that made it onto the album, JC. Partridge deliberately set out to write an anthem along the lines of ‘All The Young Dudes’, which is why The Loving leads in with that Ronson-esque guitar bit and fanfare. And he went on to say he wished he’d written Cynical Days. I prefer the b-side, too, as it’s a Moulding song. I also love Moulding’s Angry Young Men, with its jazzy upright rhythm track. It might sound ‘unexpected’ on this single because it was written and partially recorded 7 years earlier during the sessions for Mummer. I might’ve liked Mummer more if this track was on it.

  2. I am with you JC…it isn’t as immediate a song as I would have wanted at the time of release, but The Loving is definitely one of those songs that gets labelled “a grower…” Cynical Days is possibly the best track on Oranges And Lemons. It has a beautifully shambolic, jazzy feel to it.

  3. Didn’t know until this minute the Loving was ever a single. Unlike the first two from Oranges and Lemons, this one wasn’t released on this side of the Atlantic. Have to admit I never heard it and thought, man, this has single written all over it. I do like Cynical Days. Thanks for including it.

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