The man himself said it yesterday…

My buddy Ed the Bassist and I formed a label we called Meridian Records to feature indie bands. Lidsville were the first one on it. Our timing was spectacularly bad as Nirvana hit just months afterwards and suddenly everything indie was mainstream.

This 7″ single was one of the releases on his label:-

mp3 : Lidsville – Flesh Garden
mp3 : Lidsville – Black Star

It’s on green vinyl and I’m delighted to own a copy.



  1. JC, I must add a post-script here: There are harmony vocals on the A-side. A close listen reveals that the woman singing is none other than…Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. One of her earliest recordings.

  2. Swede: The singer, Greg Johnson, was frequently compared to Eddie Vedder and it pissed him off. Greg used to say “that guy’s only on key when he’s screaming.” They’re actually only a couple of years apart in age.

    CC: That’s what I keep telling her but the checks just don’t arrive!

    More trivia: Ed the Bassist’s brother is Rob the Guitarist. Part of the same OC scene as Lidsville and No Doubt were The Offspring. At the beginning, Rob used to be touring guitarist for the band because their regular guy, Kevin, didn’t want to take time off from his job as janitor at Pacifica High School. Meanwhile, the valedictorian of the class at Pacifica was Brian, who went on to get a doctorate in molecular biology. Brian and Kevin quit their day gigs and became Dexter and Noodles, respectively, when the The Offspring hit the big time.

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