Returning today to the series looking at some of the bands on C87, a 3xCD box set, released last year by Cherry Red Records, as a 74-track compilation of material that was released across different indie labels in 1987.  The only rule for featuring is that the act in questio has to be making a debut on the blog.

This is Track 23 on CD2. Here’s what the info booklet says:-

Glasgow-based Baby Lemonade formed in 1985, rehearsing in front rooms before progessing to making demos, one of which impressed early fan John Peel. Heavenly female vocals and buzzsaw, often feedback-laced guitars lay at the centre of the band’s extraordinary sound. A Sha La La flexi disc, “Jiffy Netwear Creation” was Sounds magazine’s Single-of-the-Week.  It was followed by thie one and only proper single (“Secret Goldfish”), produced by Douglas Hart (bassist with Jesus & Mary Chain), which reached No.9 in the indie charts. Various line-up changes ensued before the band’s only album, One Thousand Secrets, appeared in 1988.

mp3 : Baby Lemonade – Secret Goldfish

They shouldn’t be mixed up with 90s combo from Los Angeles who recorded under their own moniker as well as acting as the touring and recording band for late-era Arthur Lee

I’ve tracked down the b-side to the single featured on C87. It’s actually rather dreamy and, in my view, superior to the a-side.

mp3 : Baby Lemonade – Real World



4 thoughts on “FROM THIRTY YEARS AGO (2)

  1. Good interview with Graham McDonald on cloudberry Cake Proselytism site which I read a couple of years ago, where he talks about early days of band and how he became a social worker after band split.

  2. At first glance I thought, “how could JC possibly have heard Baby Lemonade?” It’s just Mike and Rusty from the CD shop on Wilshire blvd.? I had no idea there was a Scottish band with the same name. (Although, come to think of it, there are bands called the Gigolo Aunts, Wolfpack and the Dolly Rockers.) Excited to give the Scots band a listen. Let me know if you’re interested in the LA version and I’ll send along some tunes.
    An aside: Last time I saw Mike and Rusty play was at a bar here in Santa Monica. Both being African-Americans they could get away with the name of their Elvis Costello covers band: Napoleon Dolomite.

  3. Pretty sure the original 7″ came out on Glasgow label Egg Records… a short-lived label I hold in high esteem. If it says Egg, buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. The original 7” single from Baby lemonade came out on Narodnick Records ,not Egg Records who put it out later on a compilation.Graham MacDonald

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