It’s just after 5pm on Thursday night and having just got in from work I’ve had the chance to look at the blog’s Inbox. There’s an e-mail arrived earlier at 11.16am from Tim Badger….except it wasn’t. It was from Lorna, his wife.

The contents of the e-mail reduced me to tears as the words were incredibly personal and went into some detail about events and happenings of more than 20 years ago that brought Tim and Lorna together. It also reflected on something else that happened recently that was incredibly stressful for them and was the beginning of a chain of events that led to the sudden ending of WYCRA.

Those of you who were fans of what was by far the best blog on the planet will know that Tim and Lorna have had a rough time of things this past 12 months or so, experiencing a collective pain that very few of us can begin to imagine. They’ve both also separately spent time in hospital recovering from injuries and illnesses during which they demonstrated courage and bravery that would certainly be beyond me. And all the while, they, along with SWC and KC, provided us with a daily dose of entertainment that in equal measures made us smile, cry, grimace and occasionally think that blokes can be twats.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that everyone involved in WYRCA, including the boys’ better halfs, can be considered as close friends, the type who you really care about, which is why there was a real cause for concern that it disappeared without warning.

It turns out that Tim and Lorna have decided that they need to get away and relax for a bit and so, in less than 48 hours, are off to Brisbane, Australia to visit relatives for a few months. When Tim broke this news to SWC, the latter was stuck at Istanbul airport waiting for a late flight. SWC’s reaction was that the blog had to come to an end as he didn’t want to write it without Tim being involved. It was SWC’s idea to delete it. And here he is to say why….


WYCRA was Tim’s idea, and I’m not doing it without him. Its as simple as that. I should have perhaps have mentioned it on the blog, but to be entirely honest with you, it was easier to just press delete, far easier than I expected it to be. Tim told me yesterday that we should have responded to the comments on T(n)VV, yeah he’s right, we should have done, sorry. In my defence, I have been in court for three days trying to get some scumbag rapists locked up, but that’s not that important to be honest.

I won the Snakes and Ladders you know, it was close but KC rolled a two at the end and I rolled a six to triumph and in all honesty Square 100 was a massive anti-climax because it was

Urban Futuristic by Pop Will Eat Itself

Oh talking of KC, well here’s some good news. She’s getting married. That obviously was the last chapter in her chronicle. She’s marrying a lovely chap called Dominic. She’s known him for a few years now, she met him at the recycling centre where they argued over a cabinet that they both wanted. I wish I made that up but I didn’t.

This was to be the last song she chose alongside her pieces – please don’t hold that against her.

Run – Snow Patrol

The greatest second album ever was ‘Good Kid M.A.A.D city’ by Kendrick Lamar – it really is as well.

‘Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

Swimming Pools (Drank)

The Art of Peer Pressure

I suppose it falls to me to thank everyone – via the medium of JC’s blog for all the comments, good and bad, for bearing with us, for reading, laughing, sharing, and all that. I suppose I’ll be back typing at some point. I mean I’ve got two more boxes of CD’s in the loft that need opening.

Take Care everyone everywhere

SWC, KC and the Badgers


JC adds……

I’ve put this together as quickly as I could and I’m also going to leave it at the top of T(n)VV for a few days so that as many folk as possible see it. I’m going to take a few days off and will return on Tuesday 1st August.

I do hope SWC is as good as his word and comes back here with some guest postings when he gets the inclination.

I want to pass on my warmest congrats to KC and Dominic and to wish them well for a long and happy future together. I also hope KC gets an urge to keep on writing as there will always be a place for her in this little corner of the internet.

Above all else, I want to wish Lorna and Tim a safe flight to Brisbane – the city that spawned The Go-Betweens and is on my bucket list of places to see – along with a very happy and relaxing few months putting everything back together.

I’ve a glass of wine by my side and I’m raising it……to WYRCA. Thanks guys for everything.

PS : SWC won the Snakes & Ladders? I can only imagine the celebrations that ensued………………

15 thoughts on “STOP PRESS : WYRCA UPDATE

  1. I guess that’s as close to all’s well that ends well as we’re going to get. Glad that things seem to have settled down a bit. Congrats and good luck to KC and Dominic, Love and luck to the Badgers and thanks to SWC for the reassurance. Hope to read you guys again at some point. And I really hope my band makes it back to the UK so we can all meet up in Exeter. Peace.

  2. Thanks, JC, for letting us know. And thanks, God, that nothing serious happened to any of the WYCRA contributors or to their loved ones. This last sentence may not sound right under the given circumstances, but believe me, in my holidays in Greece (just returned yesterday evening) I feared the worst when I occasionally (well, on a daily basis) tried to check whether I’m still in the lead in the Song Challenge and saw the blog being off. I know very well that what happened in the past was as ‘serious’ as possible probably, but this – at least it does to me – consequently means that what you two chose to do is absolutely right and understandable.

    So, Tim & Lorna: I wish you all the very very best in Australia and I do hope from the bottom of my heart that you find the time there to relax a little bit and get things off your mind, at least partly. SWC: you did the right thing, no question about that. It’s just a blog, a very good one indeed, yes, but at the end of the day: just a blog. And to KC: all the very best from my side, also of course to Dominic: I’m sure he’ll be happy chap now!

    And who knows: perhaps one of these days one of you three will indeed provide us with some words and tunes again? I’m looking forward to this day!

    Again: all the VERY best to all of you, but especially to Tim & Lorna.

  3. My very best wishes to all the SWC gang and their significant others. I’ll miss them, but life’s more important than wittering about music on the internet.

    Saturday mornings won’t be the same though. What reason do I have to get out of bed now?

  4. Safe trip Tim and Lorna – you deserve it after all you’ve been through
    Congratulations KC and Dominic – you get to share the cabinet
    SWC – dust down those boxes and get typing. KC will keep you right
    I’m not entirely convinces there was no pockling involved in that game of snakes and ladders

  5. Thanks, JC, for the update and thanks, God, for the fact that nothing serious happened to Tim, SWC, KC or indeed any of their loved ones. I must say I feared the worst when trying to check whether I’m still in the lead in the Saturday Challenge occasionally (well, on a daily basis rather) when being on me holidays in Greece (returned yesterday). ‘Nothing serious’ may sound incorrect given all the circumstances which lead to the decision of going away and deleting the blog. I think it was the right thing to do, SWC, although I do hope that this is not written in stone.

    But the main thing is that you, Tim and Lorna, find the peace down under to ‘clean’ your minds, relax and from the bottom of my heart I wish to you that you will be able to see a more positive side of life altogether when being there: my thoughts are with you!

    And to KC: well, all the very best to you and Dominic: I bet he must be a happy chap, this Dominic!

    And finally, who knows: perhaps one of these days the blog may be active again? I live for that moment …

    Again: all the very best to all of you!

  6. Thanks for updating us, JC – and thanks to all the WYCRA team for all the posts and music and laughs and everything I’ve come to enjoy (but possibly take for granted too) I’m so relieved to hear you’re all ok – I’d been worrying about that prawn sandwich….
    But as has been said above, there are more important things in life than a blog and so sending v best wishes to Tim & Lorna for their trip and their time out generally, big congrats to KC and Dominic, a nice fast-forward for us but any time you want to rewind and play back some of those in-between chapters to us they’ll be very well-received, and to SWC, yes please dust down those boxes as CC says and be back typing at some point….
    Hope we’ll see you all again.

  7. Thanks JC for being the glue/lynchpin/crossroad for our collective.
    I have only good wishes for the future for Tim & Lorna and all their loved ones, for SWC – who I hope will make his voice heard once and a while on these blog pages – and KC – who quickly roped us in with her brilliant writing.
    We are a patient and loyal lot and we have T(n)VV as our meeting place, our public square, our big comfy sofa by the fire.

  8. Thanks JC for updating us and I wish all the best for Tim and Lorna, Hope you will find the time to relax in Brisbane and get the power for the next steps. All the best for the future of KC and Dominic. I hope she finds back to These pages someday to surprise us with her great writing. Looking Forward to see what he presents us from the box.

    Once again thank you all from WYCRA for giving great time reading your Posts and all the best for your personal future.

    And a very big thank you to JC for keeping our collective together.

  9. As everybody else has said all the best to all the team and really glad that the demise of the blog was not for any sinister reasons.

  10. Cheers for the update, JC, and thanks, all best wishes, to everyone at WYCRA. I’m not alone in hoping all concerned return to the ever-decreasing world of quality blogging at some point in the future. Bon voyage, Badgers. Congrats, KC. And happy unboxing, SWC.

  11. JC many thanks for the update.
    Congratulations to KC and Dominic, all the best for a long happy future together.
    Congratulations to SWC for the crucial six and thanks for the intro to & reminder of so much great music.
    All the very best to Tim and Lorna, I hope this is the beginning of happier and healthier times.

  12. Thanks for the update, JC.

    Thanks to everyone involved with WYCRA for some truly excellent writing – taking us through all manner of emotions. The blog will be missed. All the very best to all of you for the future.

  13. As other people are saying, thanks for keeping people informed JC. WYCRA was always a great read, and introduced me, and possibly others, to some very fine music. Thanks to the WYCRA contributors for their efforts, and best wishes to you all.

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