30, 20, 10 (Part 4)

The latest installment in the monthly series looking back at the songs which were #1 in the indie charts on the first day of the month 30, 20 and 10 years ago.

We begin with a genuine classic.

1 August 1987 : mp3 : New Order – True Faith

FAC 183. Recorded, along with its equally wonderful b-side 1963 as two new songs for inclusion on the Substance compilation album, it reached #4 in the proper singles chart.  It was helped along by an innovative and groundbreaking video from the mind of French choreographer, dancer and mime artist Philippe Decouflé.

1 August 1997 : mp3 : Oasis – D’ You Know What I Mean

Last time round in this series, Blur were holding down the #1 spot with the rather excellent On Your Own.  One month later and you get further proof that while their archrivals may have won the original Britpop battle in 1995, the Essex boys were a much more coherent and innovative lot than the Mancs whose lumpen and dreary guitar-rock was alienating many original fans, albeit attracting almost as many others along for the football-terrace type gigs they now specialised in. This near 8-minute opus is fairly unbearable.

1 August 2007 : mp3 : Arctic Monkeys – Fluroescent Adolescent

Completing the hat-trick of well-known indie bands holding down the top spot at the height of summer.  This was one of those songs that convinced me Alex Turner was a very worthy addition to the list of witty and clever English pop-songwriters that includes the likes of Ray Davies, Billy Bragg and Andy Partridge.  This ditty, co-written with his then girlfriend Johanna Bennett, tells the tale of an unfulfilled middle-aged woman who is looking back with some sadness of how her life has turned out.  Alex Turner had barely turned 21 years of age at the time.


6 thoughts on “30, 20, 10 (Part 4)

  1. What a triumverate of tuneage! Yes, even the Oasis one. It’s not that bad, although a far cry from anything on the first two albums. It reminds me of the first place MrsRobster and I had together. TheMadster was born on the very day Be Here Now came out so I do have some fondness for Oasis around this time. You’re right though – Blur were better and far more interesting.

  2. I’m with you, JC. I had the misfortune of being dragged along to see Oasis around the time of the above dirge. I’m still scarred by the experience. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat with Liam Gallagher’s face dancing in my subconscious. Still, at least he could vaguely hold a tune back ten. Judging by his performance at Glastonbury this year, he’s been gargling broken glass since his brother gave him the elbow.

  3. Let’s make the series “40-30-20”! I’m old — y’know, same exact age as you, btw.

  4. True Faith – speaks for itself
    D’You Know – beginning of the end of Oasis
    Fluorescent Adolescent – brilliant title
    I like Turner’s lyrics and have seen Arctic Monkeys live a few times, always leaving impressed. But I admit that Turner can be so WORDY that listening sometimes gets exhausting. Then again, compared to Noel’s lyrics maybe it’s best to choose cleverness or, at least, coherence.

  5. I’m no Oasis fan, but the other two more than make up for it. The first week of August is a fine week in the indie world. Nice to have you back today, JC.

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