From one of my indie reference books not too long after the turn of the century :-

El Hombre Trajeado in Glasgow in 1996 by vocalist Hubby, Stevie Jones and Stef Sinclair; Ben Jones was added after their debut 45 in the Autumn of ’97 Moonunit Manual. Translating the ‘smart’ name roughly as ‘the man in the suit’, this post rock outfit issued further special edition singles during ’98 before embarking on fully-fledged tours across the ocean with peers Sebodah and The Delgados. Not surprisingly, John Peel was impressed too.

They subsequently released their long awaited debut set entitled Skipaphone on Guided Missile Records. Tracks like Nofa displayed a visual genius through landscapes represented by staccato guitars, inane mumblings and – used to humorous effect – cowbells. Neoprene found its way onto the Glasgow EP which was shared with oyhers including Mogwai, Yummy Fur and The Karelia. Following a few delays, sophomore effort Saccade was released in 2000 on Human Condition.

Wiki, at its page on RM Hubbert, (the above mentioned ‘Hubby’) states:-

El Hombre Trajeado released three albums; Skipafone (Guided Missile Recordings, GUIDE33CD, 1998), Saccade (Human Condition Records, HCCD0031, 2001) and Shlap (Lost Dog Recordings, ARFF004, 2004) before disbanding in 2005. Although the band rarely toured, they supported artists such as Nick Cave, Sebadoh, Tortoise, Mike Watt and The Delgados around the UK. They recorded three radio sessions for John Peel on BBC Radio One between 1998 and 2001.

The band have since reformed and in 2016 played some gigs before releasing their fourth album, Fast Diagonal, on Chemikal Underground Records. Three of its tracks can be enjoyed here.  They are well worth 15 mins of your time.

For today though, I’ll go back to the Glasgow EP from November 1998:-

mp3 : El Hombre Trajeado – Neoprene




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