One of the things I love about JC’s blog is that it’s wide open. Recently a reader named Jonder contributed a solid ICA about latter-day Mission of Burma, a great post-punk outfit from Boston I really liked back in the day. (It was inspired by a similar ICA of 21st century songs by Wire contributed by Mike from Manic Pop Thrills.)

I heard a lot of great new stuff on that MoB comp, and got a hold of 2009’s The Sound The Speed The Light, from which the tune Possession is taken. The other two are classics from the reissue of 1981’s seminal EP Signals, Calls, and Marches.

Devotion – Mission of Burma

Execution – Mission of Burma

Possession – Mission of Burma


4 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES (7)

  1. Jacques, all musical charged particles are positive (cations) in one way or another so they’ll only bond into a compound with negative ones (anions). Since they’re designed to support music blogging and have varying degrees or ornamentation, maybe we can consider them ionic columns when combined.

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