It’s a great photo isn’t it? It could be captioned ‘I’ll never be man enough for you’.

Edwyn and Roddy have always been good friends going right back to the Postcard Records era, and Roddy was among the first to offer his services to play in any touring band that Edwyn wanted to put together when he finally ventured out again after his illnesses. Those gigs were memorable for so many reasons, not least hearing Roddy’s effortless takes on the old tunes.

Way back before than, in 1990, the two of them appeared together on stage during one of Roddy’s gigs to promote the release of Stray. It was at the Glasgow Barrowlands in August 1990; I believe that our dear friend Drew from Across The Kitchen Table was present that night. One of their fun-filled and laughter-inducing duelling-guitar collaborations was captured and later made available as a b-side to the CD release of the single Good Morning Britain.

mp3 : Edwyn Collins & Roddy Frame – Consolation Prize




  1. One of my fav gigs was when they played together in a one off concert in the small south bank concert hall. Over 2 hours of them playing each others songs in 2 guitars and occaisional piano , alternating an edwyn one followed by a roddy one. Edwyn was the shambolic cheeky brother with roddy the more serious smoother one ( it took the more recent hlhr ann tour to realise how funny Roddy could be). The setlist magically had all my fav OJ , AC and solo stuff……magical

  2. I was there but missed most of the support slot as my then girlfriend took so long deciding what to wear. To the fucking Barrowlands! The same girl who later asked me who Mick Jones was, when he took the stage. We were together for a further two years surprisingly.

  3. First, Billisdead – two more years?!!! She must have had some qualities you haven’t mentioned – but now to the song. I have always loved this live version, and you can almost reach out and touch the bond between them. I have also heard the pair doing Dylan’s ‘I Threw It All Way’ together, and that is another fantastic track. I’d loved to have seen them performing together at some point, and a release of them doing the two guitars and interchanging songs would be a dream.

  4. One of the few times I wish I had the CD single instead of the 12″ that’s in my collection. Only includes three versions of Good Morning Britain. Fortunately, in ’94, there was a Japanese release called Covers and Rare that included Consolation Prize. As for Drew, I’m in awe. Great pick today, JC.

  5. She was lovely to be honest David.

    Re the bond between the two men it was really evident on the tour that they did together after Edwyn’s recovery, those were emotional gigs.

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