I’ve said before that so many of their best songs being total rip-offs is a bit cringeworthy, but at the same time there’s no denying that the six singles put out by Deceptive Records between 1993 and 2000 were magnificent:-

mp3 : Elastica – Stutter (Oct 93 – did not chart)
mp3 : Elastica – Line Up (Jan 94 – #20 in UK singles chart)
mp3 : Elastica – Connection (Oct 94 – #17 in UK singles chart)
mp3 : Elastica – Waking Up (Feb 95 – #13 in UK singles chart)
mp3 : Elastica – How He Wrote Elastica Man (Aug 99 – did not chart)
mp3 : Elastica – Mad Dog (June 00 – #44 in UK singles chart)

Bonus track….the farewell single.  Issued on Wichita Records. All 80 seconds of it.

mp3 : Elastica – The Bitch Don’t Work (Nov 01 – did not chart)

Worth mentioning that the self-titled LP went to #1 in the UK in March 1995 and sophomore effort The Menace peaked at #24 in April 2000.



  1. I haven’t looked at the charts for a long, long, looong time. I obviously didn’t check them when Elastica were about because I did not know that Stutter and Elastica Man did not chart. They did in the Indie charts though ? Must have done. But not in the main singles charts ? I am very surprised because these two are as well known as the others. (At least to me they are)

  2. And to be honest the fact that they are rip offs doesn’t bother me because they are such good rip offs. Think of them as a bleeding good alternative covers band and it is great music.

  3. Great stuff. I think the debut album still sounds fresh today, despite the ‘rip-off’ aspects. Nothing wrong if you pick from the best sources.

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