Folks, how was your weekend?

I certainly hope it was bit less stressful and worrying than it was for my young brother SC, a long-time friend of this blog who pops in every day and leaves the occasional comment – especially when I’ve said something nice about Simple Minds.

The photo above was taken by SC on Saturday afternoon as he and his family (including the dog) were hurriedly evacuating their home not far from Orlando, Florida as a brush fire closed in very suddenly. It was a fire that, at its height, covered 165 acres – and an acre is the size of your average football pitch – so it was a big and dangerous motherfucker.

SC’s home was in serious danger of being burned to the ground, thus the urgent evacuation. The flames got to within 15 feet of the property but thanks to the skills and talents of the Seminole County firefighters, and the deployment of helicopters to pour down huge amounts of water from a great height, the danger was narrowly averted

SC was out of his home for nearly 24 hours before being allowed to return. He tells me, unsurprisingly, that there is very severe smoke damage to the house while it took a pounding from the water that was being dropped from the chopper – his solar panels are goosed while ash from the flames has created holes in the roof. And that’s just for starters.  The clean-up will take months and a lot of dollars.

The cause of the fire will be investigated but it is possible it was caused by a discarded cigarette that set flame to a grassy wooded area that was bone dry from months of no rain. Words fail me that someone could be so careless.

But the purpose of this additional post is just to say a huge thanks to the brave men and women who tackled the blaze over the weekend – and indeed are still on-site as 48 hours on it is still only 90-95% under control – and indeed for the public service they put in each and every single day of the year.



  1. Best wishes to SC for the recovery operation. Never heard that version of Ceelo’s famous song before (quite a turnaround from the original!) and never expected to see it featured here either!

  2. WOW! So thankful that everyone was ok! I watched that fire on local cable news this weekend. It seems the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas were fighting dueling out of control brush fires. This time of year, even a day or two of rain isn’t enough to quench the thirst of the ground and planting around Central Florida.
    Have to agree with you JC, the men and women who fight fires in Florida deserve a great deal of praise. So many of them are Volunteer Firefighters and do this because they have a great appreciation for their home and their communities.

  3. Sounds awful, yet could have been so much worse were it not for the firefighters – I salute their work and send all good wishes to SC and family.

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