The next single maintained the momentum reaching #11 in July 1980.

But it was a 45 which caught a lot of people out as, for the first time in the singles format, the band showed there was more to them than 1-2-3-4 post-punk pop.

mp3 : The Undertones – Wednesday Week

It was also a nightmare for daytime radio DJs in that it gave absolutely no opportunity to talk over the intro.  It’s another John O’Neill composition and is very much a nod to the 60s, akin to the mellower sounds of The Beatles and The Kinks.  I’ll own up by admitting it wasn’t one that I fell for right away but as my tastes have developed and become a bit more refined over the years I can fully appreciate it.

The b-side is another of John’s songs.  It was seemingly originally intended as a free flexidisc give away with Smash Hits magazine but when that fell through the band decided to make it available on the b-side.  It’s another song that seems to have its roots elsewhere – to my ears it’s always sounded like a speeded-up version of something that might have been recorded Johnny Cash….with extra guitar.

mp3 : The Undertones – I Told You So *

The A and B-sides come to a combined running time of under four and a half minutes.


* now with proper link






8 thoughts on “THE UNDERTONES SINGLES 77-83 (Part 7)

  1. Wednesday Week is a slice of perfect, and timeless Pop. I think what is most surprising about Wednesday Week is what a carefree love song it is.

  2. The link for “I Told You So” is the same link as “Wednesday Week.” Please fix. Thanks.

  3. US Fans of UK music first learned many of our favorite UK expressions from Elvis Costello. He gave us “the world and his wife,” whereas New Yorkers would say “everyone and his mother.” He sang “putting the world to rights” where we would have said “straightening things out.” The equivalent for “Wednesday Week” I guess would be “a week from this Wednesday.” It’s a great phrase but, in this instance, we might have to give the nod to the Undertones’ song rather than EC’s. There was a band out here in LA called Wednesday Week and they made sure to say during shows that they took their moniker from the Undertones who, like most great UK acts of the era, received no radio play at all in the States. Great song, great series. First time I ever heard the b-side was today.

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