Straight lift (but with new photo) from a posting in August 2015. With a bonus P.S.

Today’s lot were near impossible to get information on.

What I can tell you is that The Clouds were formed in Glasgow in 1986 by brothers John and Bill Charnley. A song of theirs was featured as a flexidisc on a locally based fanzine which led, in due course, to them signing up to The Subway Organisation for who they recorded a one-off single in January 1988 before seemingly quitting the music scene for good.

I only heard of the band as a result of one of their songs featuring on a Rough Trade compilation CD back in 2002; the same song would subsequently feature on CD86:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Get Out Of My Dream

It was the b-side of their Subway single and it’s a decent enough bit of music without transcending into the memorable or totally special; it also says a lot that it seems to be more fondly thought of than the a-side, but I have managed to track a copy down for inclusion today. It is a sound not too dissimilar from what could be described as a rough version of Teenage Fanclub:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Tranquil

Turns out that at some point I’ve also picked up a copy of the song that came with the fanzine. I can only assume that I downloaded it from another blog at some point in time or had it sent to me by a reader as being something of interest but I haven’t kept any record of how the mp3 came to be on the hard drive:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Jenny Nowhere

It is a bit lo-fi as you’d expect from a flexidisc. And very much of its time.



The sole single also came out in 12″ format and had this additional song:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Village Green

Expect to pay upwards of £15-£20 for a decent copy of either version of the single. This is partly to do with the fact that Norman Blake was a member of the band…he played guitar and did backing vocals.  My previous suggestion of Tranquil sounding like a rough Teenage Fanclub wasn’t far off the mark………….


  1. I picked “Tranquil” up from the Scared To Get Happy box set that I’ve mentioned previously and “Get Out Of My Dream” from CD86. The other two tracks are both new to me – I enjoyed listening to them and feeling that I was being taken back 30 years.

  2. The single was recorded early ’87 – it just took a while to come out.

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