All the while that Ever Fallen In Love was riding high in the charts so too was Love Bites the album it had been lifted from.  Like many other bands who were coming to the fore in the post-punk/new wave era of 1978 Buzzcocks were quite prolific and it was no real surprise when it was revealed that a brand new song was set to be the next 45.

The problem was that Ever Fallen In Love showed no sign of drifting out of the charts completely and so United Artists delayed the release of its follow-up all the while claiming, with the support of the band, that it was even better than the big smash.

In the event Promises was eventually released in late November 1978 but it only reached #20 in the charts as opposed to the previous single’s #12 showing.  However, it is worth remembering that this particular single was in the shops in the run-up to Christmas 1978 – indeed it was in the Top 30 on Xmas Day – and it is very likely that it actually sold more copies and in effect became the band’s best-selling 45.

It is an absolute belter of a record which, if there hadn’t been an Ever Fallen In Love would probably have been held up as the band’s all-time classic.

mp3 : Buzzcocks – Promises
mp3 : Buzzcocks – Lipstick

The b-side uses the same tune as Shot By Both Sides, the debut single by Magazine – a song which had been attributed to Devoto/Shelley.  But Lipstick is attributed solely to Pete Shelley thus robbing Howard of some deserved royalties.


6 thoughts on “BUZZCOCKS SINGLES 77-80 (Part 7)

  1. Agreed, Lipstick is fabulous. I’m no expert, but maybe if Shelley wrote the music for Shot From Both Sides and Devoto wrote the lyrics and melody, then perhaps it’s legit that Shelley is the only credited songwriter for Lipstick. Just hypothesising though…

  2. Robster’s analysis would be correct if, in fact, the riff in question was wholly attributable to Shelley and Devoto only contributed lyrics. Presumably for this reason, Devoto was credited on the first Buzzcocks album as a co-writer of Fast Cars, You Tear Me Up and Love Battery despite having left the band and not participating in the recording.

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