Best just to reproduce this review from June 2009 which led me to get my hands on today’s song:-

Leith’s Bum-Clocks are the only Robert Burns tribute band who play in the style of Iggy and the Stooges. If that sounds too high-concept for you, a glance over those involved mean they demand a listen. The Bum-Clocks – ye olde Scottish name for a beetle, making them the Scottish Beatles – are Tam Dean Burn (actor), his brother Russell (Fire Engines’ drummer) and Malcolm Ross, sometime guitarist with Josef K, Orange Juice and Aztec Camera. Could they be Leith’s first ever supergroup?

They’re really very good, either way. Ross and Burn (Russell) create raw, distorted havoc with the music, impressively echoing the Ashetons’ sound. Before a Leith Festival audience so familiar to the band he can even tell his mum to be quiet, the white-suited Burn (Tam Dean) reflects both Iggy and Rabbie in his forceful personality and vulgar wit; witness a merging of ‘Green Grow the Rashes O’ with a growled chorus line of ‘ah wannae be yir dug’, and a version of ‘Nine Inch Will Please a Lady’ that really needs no lyrical updating.

mp3 : The Bum-Clocks – Green Grow The Rashes O’


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