OCD EPs : #3 : GENE


Back to the scene of the crime, at least insomuch as my first ever contribution to this blog was a Gene Imaginary Compilation Album.

As a quick reminder, the OCD EPs are intended to be short collections of the best or most interesting obscure, off the beaten track songs that only the most ardent and obsessed fans might be familiar with and have in their libraries. Been bitten by the “have to have everything they ever recorded” bug for your favorite band? If so, perhaps there is an OCD EP in your future.

In most cases, once the obsession to own everything takes hold, a long and arduous search ensues in the dark corners of the internet to find those hidden gems – a fan page here, an obscure video site there, an mp3 posted to a long since abandoned blog. However, in the case of Gene, no such effort is required. Instead, a gentleman by the name of Lewis Slade has already done all the work for you. Lewis’ site, “You’ll Never Walk Again,” is quite simply the go to source for all things Gene. Going on 12 years after their last gig, Lewis is still updating the site several times a year with new material. So, as it relates to the tracks shared below, you all now know who to thank.

Side One

1. Left Handed (demo)

On their debut LP Olympian, Left Handed is one of those loud-soft-loud numbers. However, it turns out that the early version of this song was a muscular tour de force from beginning to end. I much prefer it to the studio version.

For reference: Left Handed (album version)

2. Someone For Everyone (John Peel session 8 Dec 1999)

This is a Gene original from the 1999 John Peel Christmas show. As Martin says, “It’s something we dared not ever record. That will say a lot for it.” Actually, it is quite pleasant.

Side Two

3. Love Lives Here (The Faces cover) (John Peel session 27 Dec 1999)

Think of this as Gene’s version of The Smiths’ Rusholme Ruffians/(Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame medley, only in reverse. Not only does the track say something about the band’s early influences, it further reinforces the greatness of one of their early B-sides (a single fat finger slip during the piano intro notwithstanding).

For reference: I Can’t Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18 May 1994) – Actually, this song belongs in every post about Gene regardless of the topic.

(JC adds…………………….YUP!!!!!!)

4. Nice (“Let Me Rest” demo)

Let Me Rest is far from one of my favorites on Libertine. It just seems over-produced, the mix isn’t right and there’s oh so much of that grating organ sound. This demo version has none of those problems and the positive merits of the song really shine through. If not for a small skip in the recording at 2:55 (that presumably was not fixable), I am sure this would have been included on the deluxe edition re-release of the album in 2015.

For reference: Let Me Rest (album version)


2 thoughts on “OCD EPs : #3 : GENE

  1. Lewis’s site seems to be down just now – it was fine when I drafted the post a few days back. I’ve removed the link just in case a volume of traffic from here has caused a problem.

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