Last week, Martin left the following comment:-

“…..this song, funny little frog, might be the worst song ever recorded. by anyone. ever.”

Be prepared Martin.  Be prepared.

From wiki:-

“The Blues Are Still Blue” was the second single from the Belle & Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit. The track was released in April 2006 on Rough Trade Records, and is produced by Tony Hoffer. The single reached #25 in the UK singles chart.

The wiki entry is very abrupt in comparison to many of the other singles.  And no wonder, as it’s a travesty of a 45.

There were a number of possible candidates for the all-important follow-up single after the album had been released to mostly positive reviews, but very few of which considered it to be the band’s finest body of work.  It was generally considered to be a 3/3.5 out of 5 body of work which was, to the casual listener, probably a generous mark if you were going purely by The Blues Are Still Blue, with its nonsensical lyric set to a tune that seems a partial tribute to glam rock.

I just can’t find anything endearing about it.  All of which means I didn’t buy the 45 at the time  – again released in CD, 7″ and DVD format  – and so as I find the tracks out there on the internet, it will be the first time I hear them.

CD single:-

mp3 : Belle and Sebastian – The Blues Are Still Blue

mp3 : Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

Strange that the track after which the album was named was reduced to being an obscure b-side when in fact it is much more obvious a B&S number than many of its contemporaries; it’s certainly better than the a-side

mp3 : Belle and Sebastian – Mr Richard

Please make it stop.  A pastiche of Paul Simon‘s Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard is what comes to mind.  Or a ‘comedy’ number by your in-house entertainment crew on an 1980s package holiday

7″ b-side

mp3 : Belle and Sebastian – Whiskey In The Jar

Limp and lifeless and pointless cover of a cover in a nod to the band referenced in I’m A Cuckoo.  Oh dear.

The DVD had a live version of Roy Walker, again taken from the Botanic Gardens gig of June 2012.  I can’t be bothered to track it down.

Strange how the band were now more popular than ever but the new material was sadly lacking……

6 thoughts on “B&S ON SUNDAYS (12)

  1. I’m glad to have contributed to the blog 🙂 – and of course had to listen to this set of songs. I totally see your points JC, however I remain true to my statement.

  2. Not the only time an album was named after a B-side. “Drawn To The Deep End” immediately comes to mind.

  3. Huh. After JC’s entry and Matin’s comments I was expecting this to be awful. It’s not wonderful, but it’s harmless. Surely not near their best, but also not the execrable embarrassment it was described as. I also didn’t think ‘Frog’ was so horrible, either. Maybe the locals have very high standards for their own? Still loving the B&S series nonetheless…

  4. Still think this is from their worst lp (at least fold you hands had the sublime Woman’s Realm) Not terrible just a bit ordinary. However this was the bottem and it is an upwards climb again soon

  5. I’d agree Jonny that locals often demand too much from their own; I think though that its not so much the high standards expected from B&S…more an issue of their brand of indie-pop now longer being so sublime and unique.

  6. I always thought that Belle & Sebastian were one of THE great singles bands.
    But the last few entries in this series has got be seriously questioning it, some of the write ups have made them sound like Dodgy (in more ways than one) singles

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