Today’s is a real heartbreaker of a number. So you better get ready now…

Bloomsday was a short-lived project. It came about in 1990 when Chris Thomson (ex Friends Again) joined forces with Steven Irvine and Neil Clark who were both without an output for their musical talents after Lloyd Cole had chosen to go solo.

There was one fantastic upbeat pop single called Strange Honey, followed by a majestically moody album called Fortuny.  There’s not a great deal of commercial sounding music on the record – and those songs which are of that ilk have dated a bit – but there’s other deeper, darker and intense numbers that even nowadays more than 25 years on still have the ability to astound with every listen.  Like this.

mp3 : Bloomsday – Universal Thirst

The Boatman’s Call would see Nick Cave make a whole album out of being torn asunder by failed relationships and it being held up as a modern masterpiece.  None of his songs however, come close to capturing just how hard it is to cope when your one true love leaves you behind…….and the despair of coming to forlornly rely on hope.

Not an easy listen.  But trust me on it……

PS : The double bass on this song is played by none other than Mark Bedford of Madness….


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