Here’s a song whose subject matter is winter time but yet manages to be as sunny, summery and warm as any tune ever recorded:-

mp3 : Josh Rouse – Winter In The Hamptons

Released as a 45 in 2005, it’s a number which evokes memories of The Go-Betweens at their finest and, dare I say it, the jauntier side of The Smiths. The b-side was a live version the title track of his 2002 LP:-

mp3 : Josh Rouse – Under Cold Blue Stars (live in Nashville)


6 thoughts on “BACK TO FRONT SEASONS

  1. Really love josh rouse. Apparently grew up in Nashville a smiths and cure fan, which you can hear in his songs. He brings out an lp every 2yrs or so and hasn’t disappointed yet. Under cold blue stars , Nashville or 1977 good places to start

  2. Brings back memories. The Hamptons are at the far southeast of Long Island, and my rich friends had beach houses there. Beautiful and quiet and lonely in the winter. (Posh and insufferable in the summer.)

  3. I bought the first 4 or 5 albums as they were released, but Josh has since drifted off of my radar. These tunes tell me that his quality hasn’t dipped one iota.

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