As mentioned last time out, 1999 was a year in which Cinerama were unable to release anything in the UK. They weren’t total strangers though, as John Peel continued to expresses his support with regular appearances on his show including a live acoustic performance from Peel Acres on 6 May in which two songs were broadcast. This was followed by a Peel Session which aired on 2 November 1999 while the band also played at the DJs 60th birthday party in August with the songs broadcast later in the year.

A single was recorded for the Madrid-based label Elefant Records, and issued via a limited edition 7″ on pink vinyl:-

mp3 : Cinerama – Pacific
mp3 : Cinerama – King’s Cross

By now, the duo of David Gedge and Sally Murrell had expanded into a five-piece band with the addition of Simon Gleave, Terry de Castro and Simon Pearson on guitar, bass and drums respectively.

Pacific is a tremendous, almost long-lost record with a lead vocal from Sally Murrell. It was as far from the sound of The Wedding Present as could be imagined. The Peel listeners loved it enough to vote it in at #13 in the annual Festive Fifty.

3 thoughts on “THE CINERAMA SINGLES (3)

  1. “It was as far from the sound of The Wedding Present as could be imagined.” And yet, with the exception of Murrell, this was pretty much the line-up which made the comeback Wedding Present album a few years later… I always liked this track.

  2. Hi Jonathan

    Marty played on a number of the early Cinerama tracks but they all pre-dated the release of ‘Wow’

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