It’s kind of pot luck which member of the royal family you’ll get to pin on the medal you’ve been awarded in the twice-yearly honours list. As you can spot from the above photo, the delightful PJ Harvey, having been listed in the June 2013 Awards for achievements in music, got hers from the woman once portrayed in a movie by Helen Mirren.

This is another song inspired by a random appearance on the ipod, but it was this rather wonderful acoustic version:-

mp3 : PJ Harvey – Dress (live, WHFS)

This was recorded in the early 90s for a radio station that is based in Rockville, Maryland (yup….the very same Rockville once namechecked at length in a song by R.E.M.)

The original is, of course, a bona fide classic:-

mp3 : PJ Harvey – Dress

So how about we round things off with the demo version so you can hear how much it subsequently developed…

mp3 : PJ Harvey – Dress (demo)


PS : The reason for this burst of activity on the bonus posting front will become clear quite soon….

7 thoughts on “BONUS POSTING : DRESS x 3

  1. I assumed that the bonus postings were due to having some free time on your hands.

    Maybe early retirement and putting your feet up at The Villain Villas


  2. I can hearilty endorse not working and putting your feet up! Absolutely terrific live version.

  3. As much as I adore Ms Harvey (as you well know), I can’t tell you how disappointed I was at her accepting an honour of the British Establishment. It’s so un-rock & roll, the sort of thing Adele would do. And let’s face it, old queenie (not the 50ft kind) wouldn’t have had a bleeding clue who PJ Harvey was anyway.

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