I debated this one in my head.  Some would argue that Biff Bang Pow! were a London band given that was where they were formed.  But as they centred around Alan McGhee I’ve decided they merit a place in this series.

McGee had previously been in The Laughing Apple who had released three singles in the early 80s.  Having moved from Glasgow to London he formed Biff Bang Pow!, whose initial  line-up was McGee on guitar and vocals,  Dick Green on guitar, Joe Foster on bass, and Ken Popple on drums but after two singles Dave Evans replaced Foster (who went solo as Slaughter Joe), while and guitarist/organist Andrew Innes (later to join Primal Scream) joined on a part-time basis.

They were naturally part of the Creation label and over a seven year period they released a total of 13 singles or albums none of which sold in any huge quantities.

I only have one of their songs and it came courtesy of its inclusion on a compilation CD:-

mp3 : Biff Bang Pow! – She Paints

I’ve done some digging and discovered it is the b-side of a 1988 single called She Haunts which I had a listen to on-line and thought was half-decent.



  1. Yeah, I’m all for bands having names that are diametrically opposed to the sound they make, but Biff Bang Pow! REALLY did everything they could to be as quiet and soft as possible while their name SCREAMS pop art technicolor sound. They just weren’t very memorable at a time of very memorable bands.

  2. I have the Creation Soup box set. Between A-sides and B-sides there are 11 songs from Biff Bang Pow! on the collection. As everyone seems to be echoing, unfortunately, I don’t find any of them to be go-to songs.

  3. I have Love Demure album.
    So nice songs there, including a cover: someone to share my live with

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