The VV inbox receives hundreds of emails each week with details of new and upcoming bands and singers. As much as I would like to filter through them and find those gems that might be of interest to T(n)VV readers I simply don’t have the time. And besides, most up and coming bands want to attract the attention of a young fan base whose social media skills will quickly spread the good word and the endorsement of a 52 year-old Peter Pan figure might actually count against them.

But I’m making an exception for today only and drawing to your attention demo tracks that have been recorded by a Glasgow-based trio named Dead Hope. The poster above I think is from their debut gig a few months back…its certainly just about all I could find to illustrate this post….and the band have been brought to my attention by Basil Pieroni of Butcher Boy who, as he admits, is friends with its members. Basil knows me well enough however, to realise that I don’t just put things on the blog as a favour to someone and so he handed over a CD and said it wouldn’t matter if I had a listen and filed it away. The thing is though, I do like what I heard:-

mp3 : Dead Hope – Truth Be Told
mp3 : Dead Hope – Swordz

Both songs bring back memories of that warm noisy fuzzbox sound that was very fashionable for a period back in the 80s while there’s a hint of wonderful and much missed Urusei Yatsura about them too.

Turns out there’s a few other that like them too – Steve Lamacq played one of the songs on his BBC 6 show a couple of weeks back after receiving a copy of the demo.

Heres a link to the band’s Facebook page.  Feel free to drop in say hi to them.


  1. A band really worth to feature because they are far over the average. Checking the bands FB-site they featured Sonia Stein as the song of the week and I’ll do this on my tomorrow post as well.

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