Today’s lot were near impossible to get information on.

What I can tell you is that The Clouds were formed in Glasgow in 1986 by brothers John and Bill Charnley. A song of theirs was featured as a flexidisc on a locally based fanzine which led, in due course, to them signing up to The Subway Organisation for who they recorded a one-off single in January 1988 before seemingly quitting the music scene for good.

I only heard of the band as a result of one of their songs featuring on a Rough Trade compilation CD back in 2002;  the same song would subsequently feature on CD86:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Get Out Of My Dream

It was the b-side of their Subway single and it’s a decent enough bit of music without transcending into the memorable or totally special; it also says a lot that it seems to be more fondly thought of than the a-side, but I have managed to track a copy down for inclusion today. It is a sound not too dissimilar from what could be described as a rough version of Teenage Fanclub:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Tranquil

Turns out that at some point I’ve also picked up a copy of the song that came with the fanzine. I can only assume that I downloaded it from another blog at some point in time or had it sent to me by a reader as being something of interest but I haven’t kept any record of how the mp3 came to be on the hard drive:-

mp3 : The Clouds – Jenny Nowhere

It is a bit lo-fi as you’d expect from a flexidisc.  And very much of its time.



One thought on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 29 of 48)

  1. I think the last time I heard that was when Peel played it upon its’ release, still have it in my head though! A great tune and I’m looking forward to listen to it when I get home later today!

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