Belle and Sebastian should feature regularly on this blog.  I’ve got all the songs, I’ve been along to see them live on many an occasion….hell I’ve even danced alongside Stuart Murdoch at various indie discos and there was one never to be repeated event when we were fellow guests at a wedding and together with the groom we grooved away a few minutes as a trio to a Go Betweens song.

The problem is however, that every time I put a song up I get hit with a dmca notice and there was a real run of those together a few years ago which ultimately led to google/blogger closing down the original site without warning.  It may well be the band’s record label, particularly over the in the USofA who are behind the crackdown but equally it might just be that I pissed off a fan who then came gunning for me.  My crime being to dismiss totally a b-side of a B&S single as one of the most appalling covers of a truly appalling original (it was Baby Jane originally taken to #1 back in the day by Rod Stewart).

Anyways.  Here as a one-off….unless this one doesn’t get taken down and leads me to do an Imaginary Compilations effort on the band (another near impossible task)….is the 45 of the band that I still can’t quite fathom never made it into my 45 45s at 45 rundown back in 2008.

mp3 : Belle and Sebastian – Legal Man




  1. “I’ll render services that you may reasonably require.” Soundtrack of my life!

  2. hey the prince one is still there so you never know how long B&S will last…

    A good song indeed… but wouldn’t be on my imaginary compilation…!

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