This is where the original plan to feature all the Soft Cell 12″ efforts ran into problems as I’m missing some of the later releases.  I wasn’t all that keen on Numbers, the second and final single to be released from The Art Of Falling Apart and made the decision that I’d wait until I saw it in a bargain bin before picking up a copy.  Unfortunately, I never did…as I was to learn that the 12″ effort was again a work of art with an extended opening sequence while the b-side was a very fine electronic ballad.

Before the calendar year of 1983 was out the boys brought out a new single which turned out to be a taster for a forthcoming LP that would ultimately be released in March 84 around a month after the band had confirmed their break-up.  I didn’t make the same mistake as I had with Numbers  – not that I wanted to as I think Soul Inside is one of their most underrated 45s and certainly deserved a much better chart position than #16.  And at almost 12 minutes long, the extended version is truly epic.

The final Soft Cell single is another that I don’t have a copy of. I certainly bought Down In The Subway but it is missing from the bits of vinyl stacked away in the cupboard.  I’m guessing that it ended up, by accident, in the collection of one or other of my student flatmates when our lease came to an end and we packed up our belongings and went our separate ways.

But rather than have a poor ending to the series I’m going to offer up the tracks on the UK and Canadian versions of Soul Inside as I picked up a copy of the latter when I was living in Toronto a few years back as well as the tracks on the bonus 12″ single that came with the initial copies of the second LP:-

mp3 : Soft Cell – Soul Inside
mp3 : Soft Cell – Loving You Hating Me
mp3 : Soft Cell – You Only Live Twice
mp3 : Soft Cell – 007 Theme

mp3 : Soft Cell – Numbers
mp3 : Soft Cell – Barriers
mp3 : Soft Cell – Her Imagination

mp3 : Soft Cell – Martin
mp3 : Soft Cell – Hendrix Medley

Martin is a magnificently twisted and dark composition regarded by many fans as one of the best things David and Marc ever recorded and while it is a bit of mystery as to why it wasn’t part of the proper album it shouldn’t be forgotten that at 10 minutes long it fitted better as a bonus 12″ single and was provided as special reward to those of us who bought a copy of The Art Of Falling Apart at the outset.

Oh and you’ll notice that my Canadian purchase negated my need to find a copy of Numbers/Barriers as well as providing a copy of the song that had only been made available in the UK as part of the 2×7″ release of Soul Inside.


5 thoughts on “GETTING JULY OFF TO A POPULAR START (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Thanks for this series JC – I haven’t listened to Soft Cell much in the last few years (or maybe over a decade – time seems to be going more quickly) but when I was a disaffected teenager it really resonated with me. I think you can tell that they really were falling apart in songs like Martin, which I used to play very loud whilst locked in my bedroom, ha ha.

    Down in the Subway is a good song too. It took me years to track down the remix 12″ of their final release. Good job I like record fairs and second hand record shops! One of the songs on the b-side of that (and the regular 12″) is Born To Lose, which is another great cover version they did, and one of my favourite things that they ever released.

  2. Brilliant stuff – I haven’t heard some of these before, so thanks for posting!

  3. While Soft Cell was signed in the US to Sire, The Art Of Falling Apart LP and Cassette included both Martin and the Hendrix Medley. In fact I can’t imagine that album without those two tracks.
    I’ve always loved the loungy, still sleazy sound of Numbers and yes, the 12″ is a Dave Ball tour de force!
    One oddity of their catalogue I’ve never quite understood, but have always appreciated is Some Bizarre’s decision to release Memorabilia over and over again – I guess hoping it would chart better each time – but thankfully Soft Cell’s true gem – IMHO – A Man Can Get Lost – saw release as a 7inch A-side allowing Memorabilia to be a B-Side (or AA side if you prefer).
    This has been a great look back at a band who’s sound has held up really well. Thanks JC!

  4. Soft Cell, my favourite band of all time, loved everything they done since, either as Soft Cell or their various projects since. A beat called love being an epiphany when I watched the video on MTV & thought, that looks like Dave Ball……
    Down in the Subway was an anomaly in the great SC 12″ series in that it was only the same length as the 7″. I didn’t buy it on the day of release as I had every other SC 12″, which was good as 2 weeks later they released a very limited extended version (only to reappear on the CD release of the 12″ singles some 20+ years later) so I had the remix, but never the original 12″. Not sure I actually have it now….
    Great posts, & Her Imagination is a wonderfully dark song……

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