It was right on the back of the success of Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, that Soft Cell returned with a new self-written song and what in retrospect many consider to be their finest 45. It was a trumpet-led effort that had class and style written all over it; it reached #2 in the UK singles chart but really did deserve to have taken the top spot.

Next up was their take on another largely unheralded single, originally recorded by Judy Street in 1968 and re-released in 1977 after it had become a staple of the Northern Soul scene here in the UK.  The b-side is interesting as it as its an instrumental which gives an early indication that Dave Ball was getting bored writing catchy hits.

Finally for today, the lead-off 45 from the duo’s second LP, The Art of Falling Apart, a record which upon release would alienate many of those who saw Soft Cell purely as a pop band and delight those of us who loved their deeper, darker and more experimental side.

mp3 : Soft Cell – Torch
mp3 : Soft Cell – Insecure Me

mp3 : Soft Cell – What
mp3 : Soft Cell – So

mp3 : Soft Cell – Where The Heart Is
mp3 : Soft Cell – It’s A Mug’s Game


6 thoughts on “GETTING JULY OFF TO A POPULAR START (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Two of my favourite b-sides in this little lot – Insecure Me and It’s A Mug’s Game are both brilliant and benefit from being extended. I’m with you – I liked that darker more experimental side, including the stuff Almond was doing with the Mambas; the rawness of the emotion was palpable and really did make it stand out from the crowd. He toured for a while with Nick Cave and Jim (Foetus) Thirlwell – now that I would have liked to have seen!

  2. Still not a clunker in the pack, Soft Cell was on a roll!
    Torch is beautiful and still sleazy. Cindy Ecstacy compliments Almonds pleading with a cool detachment.
    What! returns to the electronic soul that made them famous and doesn’t disappoint. There’s more Dave Ball soundscaping found in the 12 inch which was still very welcome at the time. The b-side. So, is one of my favorites…full of gritty London urban sounds.
    It’s funny, the first time I heard Where The Heart Is, I fell in love with Soft Cell all over again. I’d never imagine the song could put any fan off. Maybe it’s a bit more serious, but it was still relevant to a young audience.

  3. “Torch” remains my fave rave Soft Cell single to this day. Amazingly, I never heard it until I got the German CD single boxed set around 1990-ish! The video for “What!” was a treat as it featured a cameo by the delightful Mari Wilson; long a personal icon. Actually, as a yoof, I aspired to be one of the Wilsations! I could have been a contender… Kurt L’Amour you’re 86’ed! Make way for Del Chaz!

  4. For some reason, “Its a Mugs Game” got a lot of airplay on KROQ in Los Angeles. I knew it was by Soft Cell but couldn’t find it until the late 90’s (?) when it showed up on a Greatest Hits cd I located used.

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