There’s a few folk who would make a case for this being the best song of the 48 which appear on CD 86:-

mp3 : The Bodines – Therese

I for one wouldn’t argue as it sounds as if Julian Cope is fronting an energetic and lively Orange Juice which is a recipe for unadulterated magnificence.

The Bodines were from Glossop in the north-west of England not all that far from Manchester.  Featuring Mike Ryan on vocals, Paul Brotherston on guitar, Tim Burtonwood on bass with Paul Lilley on drums (only for the debut single before he was replaced by John Rowland), they were very quickly snapped up by Creation Records for whom they released three singles, the second of which was Therese, with these as the b-sides:-

mp3 : The Bodines – I Feel
mp3 : The Bodines – Scar Tissue

The song was also part of the original C86 tape.

They signed to Magnet Records at the beginning of 1987 which is where and when things badly unravelled. A new mix of Therese flopped as did a follow-up single and their debut album despite the continued support from many supporters in the music press with next to no play for their songs o mainstream radio. And before the year was out, their label had lost faith with the band and so it was no surprise that they split up.

A very brief reformation came in 1989 for a one-off single on a small Manchester-based label and that was that until 2010 when Cherry Red Records re-released the long out-of-print debut album, Played,with a few bonus tracks thrown in. It’s a record that come highly recommended by your humble scribe.

Here’s a bonus of the re-released version of Therese with b-sides from a 2 x 7″ bundle thrown in:-


mp3 : The Bodines – Therese (new mix)
mp3 : The Bodines – Heard It All
mp3 : The Bodines – Clear (live)
mp3 : The Bodines – God Bless (live)
mp3 : The Bodines – I Feel (live)
mp3 : The Bodines – William Shatner (live)

And finally, an extended mix made available on the Cherry Red reissue:-

mp3 : The Bodines – Therese (extended mix)


3 thoughts on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 20 of 48)

  1. Great band and lp. Just don’t think they had the material – most of the LP had been previously released in some format or other and the later one off stuff was nowhere near as good. In Therese , scar tissue and William Shatner (different song to the wedding present one ) they had 3 of my fav songs of the time. Although I’ve heard it all tops the lot , a gorgeous bit of guitar melancholy

  2. Saw these live early on – thought they had great potential, but as Friend… points out, subsequent material didn’t have the same impact. Still play Therese regularly even now!

  3. Not sure if it’s the best song of the 48, but it’s certainly one of them. Always loved this song and wondered what became of the band. Thanks for all the bonus biz.

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