If I was to ever make up an imaginary 10-track compilation by this lot then I’m 99.99% certain today’s song would be the opener

mp3 : Associates – White Car In Germany

A piece of music that was recorded thirty four (!!) years ago and yet still sounds ridiculously fresh and new today.






  1. Side 1; White Car In Germany : Skipping : Bap De La Bap : Love Hangover : Party Fears Two.
    Side 2; Waiting For The Loveboat : Helicopter Helicopter : Club Country Club (from the Popporetta EP) : Tell Me Easter’s On Friday : Q Quarters.

  2. Conrad – That is a mighty 10-track selection. I would only substitute “Kitchen Person” for “Tell Me Easter’s On Friday.” “White Car In Germany” was the first Associates track I ever heard, when I picked up a CD of “Poperetta” in the used bins and put it in the player to try them out [finally] after a decade of heresay and rumors. It changed my life, it’s not really hyperbole to say that it put me on the course that I’m now on. It made me realize that there was probably better music that I had missed in the past then what would exist in the present. And lo, the Post-Punk Monk was born!

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