We're Going To Miss You FrontGetting_Away_With_It_(All_Messed_Up)

Apologies to those who don’t like James for them featuring two days in a row. But I had intended to have this series wrapped up well before now.

Yesterday’s single was the last of the James singles that I have in my collection. I did have a few gaps that I’ve plugged since beginning this series back in November 2013 and while it was tempting to chase down the final CDs via ebay/discogs etc I decided against it and instead hunted down whatever songs I could find online.

We’re Going To Miss You was an unexpected third single lifted from Millionaires albeit the track was re-recorded for release as a 45. However, the record label again seemed to mess things up by shoving it out just before Christmas 1999 when the airwaves were full of the usual cheesy numbers that abound at the time of year as well as filling time with a look back at classic pop songs of the 20th Century as the new millennium was just over the horizon. As a result, the single completely stiffed and for the first time in seven years the band missed out on a Top 40 placing:-

mp3 : James – We’re Going To Miss You (not available)
mp3 : James – Wisdom Of The Throat
mp3 : James – Top Of The World (Live at the Embassy Rooms) (not available)
mp3 : James – Pocketful of Lemons
mp3 : James – We’re Going To Miss You (Eno’s Version)

The next and final physical single appeared in June 2001. It was the only single lifted from the album Pleased To Meet You. The single preceded the album by a week and was released at the end of June 2001.

mp3 : James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
mp3 : James – Make It Alright
mp3 : James – So Swell
mp3 : James – Stand
mp3 : James – The Shining (live at Ridge Farm) (not available)

It reached #22 in the UK charts. An anthemic number that, at the time, was dismissed as very much James by numbers and used to demonstrate just how tired and cliche-ridden they had become.

Six months later, James called it a day but signed off with a triumphant tour of the UK’s main arenas culminating in a gig in Manchester that was later released as a live album.


The band reformed in 2007. There have since been three singles released as digital downloads – Whiteboy, Waterfall and Not So Strong – none of which charted.

And that, dear readers brings the series to a close.

Next up, and in response to the positive feedback the other week, will be a short series looking at ten singles released by Altered Images.

7 thoughts on “THE JAMES SINGLES (27) AND (28)

  1. Thanks for sticking with it. There aren’t many bands who have had such highs and lows over such a length of time and it has been fascinating to see that reflected in the singles and b sides. The other thing to see is how badly they have been served by various record companies.
    Getting away with it is James by numbers on one hand and classic James on another. It has kind of replaced sit down as the go to song live. I thought they quit on a high as pleased to meet you is behind only laid and stutter as my favourite lp , it deserved a wider audience. The “phase2” stuff reflects a band confident and comfortable with where they are , still has misfires and still full of choruses with a phrase repeated 3 times.
    I hate this age of digital singles , when is it a single when is it taster for an lp……and the lost art of the b sides. I mention because the newish lp peitite mort had a couple of tracks / videos released prior to the LP frozen Britain and moving on. Moving on especially is classic James , a celebration of death it is worth tracking down the video as it is a perfect match.

  2. We’re Going To Miss You was a decent single actually, though I always preferred that Eno mix. Whiteboy was a cracking track, one of the best things James released in a loooong time. There have been four singles from the latest record, each one of deteriorating quality. Frozen Britain was decent, but the latest track Curse Curse is absolutely dire. La Petite Morte is probably their worst album – yes, even worse than Seven. A real shame as I still can’t help but like them.

  3. Agree re curse curse . Thought the LP wasn’t a total wash out although agree near the bottom of the pile

  4. We’re going to miss you. Loved this song, one of those which get stuck in your head because just so catchy.

  5. Thank you so much for completing the Herculean effort. This is the only opportunity to hear the complete b-sides. This was a task for a King Archivist (an esteemed title). Love this band for their failures as well as the glory. Looking forward to the Altered Images.

  6. James could have been a good band…
    Unfortunately they sometimes sounds like U2,what is terrible…

  7. a great series, thank you for sticking with it, its good going back over some of the old posts and seeing the love (or otherwise) for b-sides, which earlier James always paid some attention to. I agree with f-o-r-w that the band really were shafted by various record companies over the years as they tried to milk every last penny out of the band. I dont see the major labels particularly changing in that respect though, so hats off to the smaller labels and bands who are still trying to do right by bands and earning very little for it.

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