There comes a tipping point when too much twee starts to annoy me.  I’ll admit that, despite intending to feature all 48 songs and artistes who appear on CD86, some of the stuff gets the skip treatment on the i-pod.  And today’s offering is one of them.

Razorcuts formed in 1985 with the mainstays being Gregory Webster (vocals/guitar) and Tim Vass (bass) augmented at times by various drummers and other musicians who came and went. After a couple of singles on the Subway Organisation label and a one-off on Flying Nun Records, they ended up signing to Creation by 1988 for who they would release two albums in 1988 and 1989 without setting the heather on fire.

The song on CD86 is a b-side to one of their June 86 debut on Subway and while it is far from a bad song – the tune is actually fine – the dreadful sub-standard vocal performance borders on the unlistenable.  It is also a perfect example of the off-putting whining, struggling-to-hit-the-right notes delivery that quickly became synonymous with much of the C86 genre and which led to its rather prompt demise.

mp3 : Razorcuts – I’ll Still Be There

Here’s yer A-side:-

mp3 : Razorcuts – Big Pink Cake

The band split up in with Vass going on to form Red Chair Fade Away, and Webster joined The Carousel before the duo reunited under the name Forever People in 1992 for a one-off single called Invisible on Sarah Records.Between 1997 and 2002, Webster was part of Sportique, a sort of twee supergroup made up of ex-members of the likes of Heavenly, Television Personalities and Tallulah Gosh.


2 thoughts on “NEXT YEAR’S NOSTALGIA FEST (Part 11 of 48)

  1. Can just about cope with the vocal myself, but I know what you mean. Unsurprisingly the only other track I have of theirs, Sad Kaleidoscope, suffers from the same problem.

  2. I never delved deeper with the Razorcuts than compilation tracks, but two of my all time twee faves (maybe bordering on being uncomfortably too twee) were the Razorcut’s Sorry to Embarrass You (Indie Top 20 Vol. 1) and Brighter Now (Doing it for the Kids).

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