Aidan John Moffat is the most diversely talented and intriguing Scottish musician of my generation.

He celebrates his 42nd birthday next week and he’s now been a staple part of the music scene in my part of the world for 20 years ever since Arab Strap came to prominence. He’s never been one to let any grass grow under his feet whether it has been recording albums – musical and spoken-word – under his own name), ambient dance music under the guise of L Pierre or Lucky Pierre, as part other of groups such as the low-fi The Angry Buddhists or the hard-to-pigeonhole Aloha Hawaii, as guest vocalist with countless others such as Mogwai and R M Hubbert and not forgetting his incredible collaboration with jazz musician Bill Wells that led to the Scottish Album of the Year award for 2011 for Everything’s Getting Older (the follow-up,The Most Important Place In The World, has just been released). Then of course 2014 saw him spend most of his time exploring the oral traditions of Scottish music with a tour of some very unusual venues and the making of a documentary film that was shown at the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

In short, he’s a one-off and he’s a national treasure.

I thought I’d treat you to one something from the 2009 release How To Get To Heaven From Scotland together with a rare live radio session.

mp3 : Aidan John Moffat & The Best Ofs – Big Blonde
mp3 : Aidan John Moffat & The Best Ofs – Big Blonde (session)

Given his propensity for being part of acts that begin with the letter ‘A’ you can bank on Aidan featuring in this slot a few more times in the coming weeks.

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