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Around the turn of the century, Cousteau briefly enjoyed a fair bit of media exposure with many comparing their sound to the likes of Scott Walker and Burt Bacharach. Such comparisons were the results of the song-writing and arrangement talents of multi-instrumentalist Davey Ray Moor (who had previously enjoyed a very successful career composing advertising jingles and TV soundtracks) and vocalist Liam McKahey whose delivery and style were a real throwback to the easy listening era some 40 years previously.  Personally, I always thought he was more akin to Graeme Skinner who is best known for fronting 80s hit band Hipsway.

The band was given a lot of critical acclaim which never quite got them beyond cult status with the record buying public. They initially released two LPs and a smattering of singles between 1999 and 2002 before Moor decided he’d had enough. McKahey took on the task of songwriting and a third LP was released in 2005 before the band called it a day altogether.

I’ve a CD copy of the debut album on the shelf, picked up in a bargain bin for £2.99. It’s certainly more worthy than that albeit it’s a very long time since I listened to it all the way through. The album does have one genuine standout track that deserved to be a huge hit:-

mp3 : Cousteau – The Last Good Day Of The Year

My big book of indie discography informs me there were two other singles lifted from the debut LP and here, just for your aural pleasure, they are:-

mp3 : Cousteau – She Don’t Hear Your Prayer
mp3 : Cousteau – Wish You Were Her



  1. I remember Cousteau very well and I think I posted ‘The last …’ month ago. And indeed this song should be a hit in these days. Have a good weekend JC.
    Cheers, Walter

  2. The 2nd lp is also very good. I really loved the arrangements. I ve not heard the 3rd lp as always assumed maybe unfairly that apart you had a singer who didn’t write as well as he sang and a songwriter who didn’t sing as well as he wrote.

  3. Loved this band, the third album is great. Liam is now living in Canberra in Australia and has a new band called Liam McKahey And The Bodies who are currently recording their crowd funded debut album

  4. Liam McKahey has one of the finest voices out there. Cousteaus debut was an excellent album and the following two aren’t too shabby either.Liam was involved in the new album by Stephen Emmer ‘International Blue’ that is dedicated to the art of crooning. Produced by Tony Visconti it also features Midge Ure , Glen Gregory and Neil Crossley ( lead singer with ‘Furlined’). One of the best albums of 2014. Also Liam Mckahey and the Bodies soon to be released new album is their second. The debut is also worth checking out

  5. Played their début album to death, discovered them on an uncut compilation with a lot of great finds including Josh Rouse and It’s Jo And Danny and a great band called Birth who also had a cracking début album. This post I believe has sorted out my choices for Sundays albums.

  6. And of course Davey Ray Moor had previously been in the wonderful band The Crystal Set with Russel Kilbey, brother of The Church’s Steve Kilbey. I hereby claim my 5 pound book voucher.

  7. First song that got me hooked was ‘Jump in the River’ then everything else followed… and it’s still my favorite! Glad Liam is doing what he loves– new songs, new band, new home. Sad, we don’t get to see him up here, but the Aussies have quite a treat on their hands the more the gigs roll out.

  8. I used to fit office furniture back in the 80s with Liam or Will as he was known then. That is all.

  9. I need to hear these gents as “International Blue” was the album of the year [2014] for me, and has me hungry for more. Echorich swears by the first two Cousteau albums, so that’s good enough for me. Now all I need to do is find them.

  10. Discovered this band about a year and a half ago. Three great cd’s. McKahey has a great voice. I don’t understand why the band isn’t more well known by a larger audience. After the band split up, McKahey started Liam McKahey and the Bodies. They never achieved the level of Cousteau in my opinion.

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