Of the quartet of WEEKLY music papers that were available in the UK back in the 80s, Sounds was my least favourite, mainly as it seemed more often than not to be aimed at the heavier end of the rock market.  And yet, history shows that during its existence (1970 – 1991) it was often at the forefront of things ahead of the more renowned New Musical Express (NME),  Melody Maker and Record Mirror – for instance it was the first of the three to give coverage to punk.

While the mid 80s saw the NME keep a reputation for reporting on and ‘breaking’ new scenes, Sounds began to increasingly concentrate on in-depth coverage of indie bands on major labels and less and less coverage to new or emerging groups.  Allied to this was a series of vinyl giveaways with the paper, the first of which, in early 1987  was associated with Beggars Banquet under the title of Sounds Showcase 1:-

Here’s what was said on the back of the EP:-

After a lengthy absence The Cult return in prime strength to re-affirm their position among the world’s best rock groups. They’ve been recording their third album in New York with Rick Rubin producing, and have stripped down their sound to barbed-wire force. Outlaw is work in progress from these album sessions – the long-awaited new album will be aptly entitled Electric.

mp3 : The Cult – Outlaw

Not the recent single version, but the original John Leckie recording of the track, which presaged the staging of Mark E Smith’s play of the same title.  Last year celebrating ten years of The Fall, this sparkling yet sinister track shows their continuing ability to surprise and stimulate with every release.

mp3 : The Fall – Hey! Luciani (original version)

The enigmatic Brix Smith weaves another fine web of 60s-inspired musical Americana. Spin This Web is the possible title track from The Adult Net’s forthcoming debut long player. Just who is Count Gunther Hoalingen?

mp3 : The Adult Net – Spin This Web

With a string of critically-acclaimed albums behind them, The Go-Betweens continue to produce distinctive quality pop songs, under the guidance of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan. I Just Get Caught Out, specially recorded for this EP, is no exception, and heralds their new LP for April release.

mp3 : The Go-Betweens – I Just Get Caught Out

This is the first time The Cult have appeared on this or the old blog.  It will be the last time cos they really are shit.  Outlaw is bloody awful.

The Fall track is different enough from the single version to make it an interesting listen, while The Adult Net is a reminder of how close that band sounded to the poppier version of The Fall that was kicking around at that time…..which is of course no surprise as The Adult Net were The Fall without Mark E. Smith (except when he guested on their records as Count Gunther Hoalingen)

The Go-Betweens would later re-record this great bit of music and make it available on the Tallulah LP:-

mp3 : The Go-Betweens – I Just Get Caught Out


10 thoughts on “SOUNDS SHOWCASE 1

  1. Have been a way for quite a while. Just finding my way back to TVV and seeing it’s now T(n)VV. And am greeted by…The Cult? What?

  2. Kill me, but I enjoy a bit of The Cult from time to time. Not on a daily basis though …

  3. Bit harsh on the Cult. I’m with Dirk here. The Mrs and I are more than a little fond of ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ and ‘Fire Woman’.

  4. Sorry, this is a criminal matter. Not suing anyone but you’ll all have to come with me. Budge over – plenty of room in the van. You won’t be needing those cel phones.

  5. Once upon a time (when I still had a full head of hair….) I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t buy the NME and would generally avoid Sounds like the plague. However I remember buying that edition purely to get this EP and more specifically “Spin this web.” To this day I still maintain that this is a forgotten gem from the 80’s.

  6. Wonderful stuff, thank you. This sent me looking in my old singles box and I discovered that I own number 3 in this series – The Mission, Gangway and The Leather Nun.
    And next to it I found 8 others from various Sounds EP series. I was usually a Melody Maker reader in the 80s, I’d always pick up the NME or Sounds though if they had a freebie on the front. One of them that I have here has The Sugarcubes, The Wedding Present, Pixies and The Pogues. How can you not buy that when it comes attached to something costing about 50p?

  7. Sorry jim I’m firmly in the cult camp was it not twee enough for you .?
    The guitar too loud not enough shoe gazing or angst

    Son of the rock

  8. Oh my. Outside of maybe She Sells Sanctuary it’s hair metal in sheep’s clothing. I’m with JC and the lawyer on this one.

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