Released in February 1991, Our Frank was the eighth single by Morrissey in just three years, but turned out to be the first flop of his career in as much as it failed to reach the Top 20.

It was also the first track on the LP Kill Uncle which hit the shops in March 1991.

I remember being utterly underwhelmed by this single at the time, but it is one that has grown on me quite a bit. The opening few bars, including the little burst of piano at around 0:17 remind me somewhat of Madness….

mp3 : Morrissey – Our Frank

I suppose on reflection that my initial reaction to the single was somewhat determined by my feeling let down by the two b-sides:-

mp3 : Morrissey – Journalists Who Lie
mp3 : Morrissey – Tony The Pony

Great titles. Shame about the tunes.

The sleeve shot was taken by Pennie Smith whose work has graced many album covers, including that of London Calling.

Happy Listening (especially now that one week on I’ve remembered to add the links!!!!!!).

2 thoughts on “THE MOZ SINGLES (Part 11)

  1. I bought all of the Moz singles on 7″ and am grateful for the chance to hear the extra tracks, and get them digitally. Thanks. Note that there are currently no linked MP3 with this post.

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