it can’t be denied can it?

mp3 : The Cure – In Between Days

Quite possibly my favourite few minutes from The Cure.  And yes, it is because it so reminds me of Lowlife era New Order. A #15 hit in the UK back in the summer of 1985. Still sounds gorgeous after all this time.

It’s one I’ve had on 12″ vinyl since its initial release.  Here’s yer rather splendid b-sides :-

mp3 : The Cure – The Exploding Boy

mp3 : The Cure – A Few Hours After This

Three excellent tracks on one 12″ single.  What more can you ask for?



  1. Hi!

    First of all Thanks for a great blog/site.

    I just have to comment on that …… (In Between Days) 🙂

    I love that song too …… and I also bought the 12″ when on holiday in London when it came out …… (I’m from Denamrk)

    But it doesn’t remind me of LowLife ….. Nothing really does, it’s a classic … 🙂
    The Cure made a lot of good songs and Albums, but New Order (80’ties era) is in a league of their own ……. Once again, thanks for a great blog/site.


    Great Dane

  2. Yes! I always loved this song, but when I picked up this 12″ a few years ago I was blown away by what great b-sides there were, especially “A Few Hours After This”….for any other band a more than worthy A -side.

  3. Got to agree with you JC, but this wasn’t the first time that Robert Smith showed his appreciation for JD/NO. The Walk is very much a sister record to Blue Monday and listen to Simon Gallup’s bass on Lament from The Walk EP…it’s all Hooky. Killing An Arab feels a lot like Warsaw. The production on One Hundred Years and Pornography are very reminiscent of JD as well.
    There are a lot of people that think Smith was aiming for a Buzzcocks sort of sound on the debut album and then moved more towards the atmospherics of Joy Division by Seventeen Seconds and Faith, but by the singles leading to Head On The Door, there was a real New Order sound evident in The Cure.

  4. Hi JC. I have the 12″ as well, but the lineup is different and inferior. My A-side is the LP version, and the B-sides are the extended version and Stop Dead. Stop Dead is marked as previously unreleased… at that time. Based on your B-sides, I think we got screwed here in America. Thanks for these.

  5. (My) German pressing is the same as the UK one apparently … although I can’t tell whether ‘Inbetween Days’ is “extended” in one form or another, at least it doesn’t say so on the label. It’s 2:55 long, that’s for sure …. will put the album on tomorrow to compare ..

  6. Total agreement on this fact, which was blindingly apparent to me when this single originally dropped. I thought to myself, “Damn my eyes, that’s the best song New Order never recorded!” And yes… the B-sides with it make up the finest 15 minutes that The Cure ever committed to vinyl during their “imperial phase,” which peaked with this record, in my opinion! Either of those B-sides still send chills down the spine in ways that every subsequent Cure [and New Order, while I’m at it] song didn’t. Thank goodness that they were in the “Join The Dots” box otherwise I would have skipped it.

  7. In his book, ‘True Faith: An Armchair Guide To New Order’, Dave Thompson suggests that New Order’s 1984 instrumental single “Murder” could be construed as a retaliation for The Cure’s “recent hijinks on the fringe of their territory.” Thompson also informs readers that Peter Hook’s mother was upset when she heard “In Between Days” and exclaimed to her son, “You’ve got to sort this out!”

    While we’re at it, who else was immediately reminded of “Just Like Heaven” when they first heard “All The Way” on “Technique”?

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