The last, for now, of this mini-series as next week will see the unveiling of a new feature that is set to dominate these pages for a period of time.

October 2014.   All these arrived in one package.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark : Media and Sleeve graded as VG .  Cost – £2.00
Associates – Perhaps : Media Graded as VG, Sleeve Graded as VG+. Cost – £1.00
The Fall – Free Range (12) ; Media and Sleeve graded as VG+.  Cost – £3.00
The Go-Betweens – Spring Rain (12″); Media and Sleeve graded as VG+. Cost – £3.00
Everything But The Girl – Love Not Money; Media and sleeve graded VG+. Cost – £1.50
The Go-Betweens – Spring Hill Fair; Media and Sleeve graded as VG.  Cost – £10.00

It’s a purchase I remember well as I had gone into the seller’s Discogs site on the basis of Spring Hill Fair, an album I had long owned but was now virtually unplayable as a result of the scratches, skips and jumps.  I was a bit apprehensive about buying something graded only as VG as I had learned from bitter experience that what some sellers believed to be ‘VG’ turned out to be more akin to unlistenable as far as I was concerned.  But as the feedback from other purchasers was that this particular seller was very conservative with his gradings, I gave it a whirl.  And yes, I found the condition of the vinyl to be far better than described in the sales pitch.

As always, I couldn’t resist not browsing to see what else was on offer, and was really surprised at how low the prices were, which is why three more LPs and two 12″ singles were added.  The cost of vinyl added up to £20.50, on top of which I was charged £5.00 for P&P.

I’m sure the seller was, for whatever reason, just getting rid of his vinyl.  I recall, having been very satisfied with the condition of the records and the sleeve, going back a couple of months later to see if there was anything new listed only to find that the account had been closed.

It’s probably as good a bargain as I ever got on Discogs, and there’s no likelihood given the way that old vinyl is now traded, be it through that particular site, e-bay, second-hand shops or charity stores, I’ll ever get that lucky.

Here’s the going rate today, all based on UK sellers and the same condition.

OMD album : £4.50
Associates album :  £3.00
The Fall 12″ : £8.00
The Go-Betweens  12″ : £10.00
EBTG album :  £4.95
The Go-Betweens album :  £44.99

It all comes to the grand total of £75.44.   And there would need to be about £25 in P&P given there would be five different sellers.

Leaving aside the P&P, the rise in the cost of the vinyl is 342%.

mp3: Everything But The Girl – Ballad Of The Times


4 thoughts on “THE INSANE COST OF SECOND HAND VINYL? (Issue #8)

  1. In today’s market £75.44 seems like a bargain although I much prefer prices from 2014.

    I bang on about not buying vinyl but recently I succumbed.

    First, I bought two 2nd hand singles from Discogs. One was described as mint. The other near mint. They were neither and visibly so. The seller has gone to ground – the singles will be returned. Feedback will be fierce.

    Second, Kate Bush Remastered box sets. I bought three the say day I mentioned them (in a previous post) and the most expensive one a few days later as well as the Before the Dawn Box set (despite finding the long held live experience to be well below par) and an additional box set I had owned but sold but never truly let go of.

    Two of the box sets arrived damaged and will be returned. Packaging was meagre given the fragility let alone value.

    It’s my own fault. I said I’d buy no more vinyl. That’ll teach me.

    I look forward to this news series…

  2. Given that I have copious notes for every thing I’ve purchased from September 2010 to current on my blog, I could also run through this exercise, but where’s the need? I’m simply grateful that I bought what I have when I did. And I should be focused on that fact rather than the painful now we inhabit. Where it’s almost impossible to buy cheap records for the fun of it. Like we did for most of our life.

  3. Wow, I had no idea The Go-Betweens album was worth so much – just checked and I do have a copy and its in great condition – haven’t played it in decades- what to do ?????

  4. On the back of your recent postings about the cost of second hand vinyl. I have just had a look on Discogs site at price of album I own. There are 9 for sale with a starting price of £440.86. The lowest price is £95.00, median price is £592.45 and highest £967.60. Absolutely crazy prices for vinyl ……

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