The FIFA World Cup has delivered some drama, shocks and last-minute goals that have changed the fortunes of the participating teams.  You could argue it is merely mimicking the ICA World Cup, especially the knockout rounds.

A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to vote on the eight ties brought to you last Sunday. The comments revealed that a number of you had real difficulty choosing one song over another, and this led to a higher number of draws or non-committals than previous weeks.  A couple of the ties were more or less decided quite early on, but nobody was on the end of a thrashing a la Costa Rica at the hands of Spain.

I reckon that the other six ties saw changes of leads on at least one occasions, while two matches swung back and forth to the extent they were only decided with the last couple of kicks of the ball.  46 sets of votes came in…..only one game was voted on by everyone.

Human League 29 Iggy Pop 16

Television 24 Terry Hall 17

Lloyd Cole 20 The Jam 24

Orange Juice 23 Soft Cell 16

John McGeoch 21 Cinerama 19

Joy Division 28 David Bowie 17

Siouxsie & The Banshees 20 Go-Betweens 22

Cocteau Twins 21 Blondie 25

It’s straight into the quarter-final stage. The songs will be Track 2 of Side A of the relevant ICA

Television (ICA 248) v Joy Division (ICA 160)

mp3: Television – Foxhole v mp3 : Joy Division – Transmission

John McGeoch (ICA 259) v The Jam (ICA 152)

mp3:PiL – Home (live)* v mp3: The Jam – The Place I Love

*ICA 259 is a compilation featuring John McGeoch on guitar – this track is taken from a performance on Whistle Test on BBC2 back in 1986

The Go-Betweens (ICA 200) v Orange Juice (ICA 219)

mp3: The Go-Betweens – To Reach Me v mp3: Orange Juice – Lovesick

Human League (ICA 228) v Blondie (ICA 198)

mp3: Human League – Being Boiled (Peel Session) v mp3: Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds

Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 9th of December, with the results and the semi-final draw appearing next Sunday.

NB: If Siouxsie and her motley crew had got through, it would have been Hong Kong Garden v Lovesick in the third tie above…..but if Soft Cell had beaten Orange Juice, (and Siouxsie had also won), then it would have been Hong Kong Garden v Bedsitter.  We should maybe collectively be grateful that it didn’t come to that……..


50 thoughts on “ICA WORLD CUP 2022 : THE QUARTER FINALS

  1. Joy Division

    Australia bow out of WC…….Come on England!!!!!


  2. 1) Joy Division – Transmission
    2) John McGeoch / PiL – Home (live)
    3) The Go-Betweens – To Reach Me
    4) Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds

  3. Joy Division
    John McGeoch
    Orange Juice
    Human League

    That was very difficult this week.Some marquee names were voted against by me but hey, that’s knockout competition for you!

  4. Tough, really, even the first match was not as easy to decide upon as you might think! But you simply can’t beat a song like ‘Transmission’, so Joy Division win against a team which fought very very hard indeed!

    The second one was the toughest perhaps! Let’s pretend this video referee thingy would not have been invented yet and Paul Weller bangs in a penalty kick in the ninetieth minute – one which was given to him by mistake though!

    Two great teams – in their own right though! Not really comparable, and although I do love the way the Go-Betweens play, this afternoon I’m not in the mood for tactics and too much fine-tuning. Not a clear victory, but a deserved one for Orange Juice!

    Now, it has always been a boyhood dream to once meet Debbie Harry (to be frank, this ‘boyhood dream’ involved much more than just ‘meeting’ her, but less said about that the better!). And very sorry, but when we’ll meet one day, Debbie and me, I just can’t risk her only words to be: “I saw you voted against me on this bloody music blog back then, so bugger off, you fat bastard!”

  5. Joy Division – can anyone stop them winning the whole thing?
    Jam – Reigning champions still going strong
    Go-Betweens – Australians doing what their counterparts in the World Cup failed to do
    Blondie – Would make worthy finalists and give the favourites a run for their money

  6. 1.Nearly a draw but JD squeak through on penalties.
    2. Slept through this match.
    3.Accidentally recorded a Hallmark Xmas film over this game.
    4.Human Lge.
    Thanks JC!

  7. Joy Division – Transmission
    PiL – Home (live)
    Orange Juice – Lovesick
    Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds

  8. Disappointed the boy Osterberg fell in the last round.

    Joy Division
    The Jam (becoming the Brazil of this blog’s tournaments. We’ll therefore turn against them eventually)
    The Go- Betweens- by a whisker. VAR debacle in the 93rd minute. C’est la vie.
    Human League

  9. Joy Division
    The Jam
    The Go-Betweens
    Human League (almost any other Blondie track would have won it, but for some reason I’ve never been a fan of Rip Her To Shreds)

  10. After all 8 of my choices last time made the QFs, this was actually easier than I’d expected due the tracks selected for this round.
    Joy Division
    John McGeoch
    Orange Juice
    Human League

  11. That took it’s time.

    Joy Division
    The Jam
    The Go-Betweens
    The Human League

    It’s one of 81 possible votes (including a post without any decided game). Analogous to the birthday problem, at least 11 votes are required for the probability of two equal votes to be greater than 50 percent. martin would have proved this claim if he had hurried.

  12. Hmmm, feeling increasingly like the real world cup now. Most of the teams you enjoy watching are eliminated and the rub of the green is with the teams you can’t get excited about. Oh, and the teams you do like get drawn against each other, meaning an elimination. I have to say, The Jam are looking like the (West) German teams of the 80s and 90s – I can see that what they do is highly professional and effective and they will inevitably win, but it’s not the type of thing that I enjoy listening to/ watching.
    Joy Division – great song beats a preferred band.
    McGeoch – Love the track, but Germany alwatys win
    The Go-Betweens – I know, by this point it seems a pointless vote but I’d rather watch them fail magnificently than get totally overrun
    Blondie – Just! Last minute winner after a thrilling game.

  13. Looks like I was 5 out of 8 last week, better’n 50%! Though I am befuddled as to how John McG with such a poor showing beat out Cinerama.
    On to this week, and I have to say, I think this was the most lackluster group of songs we’ve seen so far, with only two decent ones amoungst them, and wouldn’t ya know it, they go up against each other!!

    Television v Joy Division

    Joy Division

    John McGeoch v The Jam
    A couple of familiar guitar riffs makes the choice here, even if the song overall is no more inspired than the competition.

    The Jam

    The Go-Betweens v Orange Juice

    Seriously. You couldn’t have put these two against different adversaries? Because they beat the socks off anything else on offer here. Classic Go-Betweens against classic OJ. This is a tough choice, in the end I have to admit the OJ song is more iconic of the group.

    Orange Juice.

    Human League v Blondie

    One song is pretty typical of why I don’t much care for the group, which gives me a default vote for the other.


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