Indietracks was a festival that had a great connection with trains.  Its location was The Midland Railway-Butterly, a heritage railway in Derbyshire, and as well as enjoying the 50 or so live acts who appeared each year, festival-goers were free to enjoy steam train rides and other on-site railway attractions.  The profits from the various Indietracks compilations went to the trust that looked after the visitor attraction which is still open all year round, albeit Indietracks itself is no more.

Which makes this track from the 2018 compilation seem very apt:-

mp3: Just Blankets – Britain’s Least Used Stations

I can’t find too much about Just Blankets other than what is on their bandcamp and discogs pages.  The band members were Claire Swift,
Tom Baker (no, not the one who played Dr. Who), Nick Streeter, and Harry Partridge, although I don’t know who played what instrument.

The positive responses to a self-released cassette EP in 2016 led to them being asked by London-based Everything Sucks Music to record and release a 7″ vinyl EP, Like Velcro, in 2017.   The song on the Indietracks compilation was taken from that EP.

This was also on the EP:-

mp3: Just Blankets – White & Orange

There’s no trace of anything after their appearance at Indietracks.


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