It was back in 2021 that I did a couple of postings on Bubblegum Records, a truly DIY label based in Glasgow that was around from 2009-2011.

As I said at the time of the first posting, the label may have only lasted just two years but in that time was responsible for the 22 releases, consisting of 14 CDs and 8 limited edition, download only singles featuring an array of bands and musicians from all over the world. It was quite a remarkable effort, coinciding with that point in time when myspace seemed destined to be the future for new and emerging music, when in fact it was merely a staging post for further developments across social media networks and platforms.

One of the CDs issued by Bubblegum was the work of Starshy.  There’s not a lot out there about the musicians involved, but the bandcamp page does indicate there is a base in Glasgow.

It doesn’t look as if there was ever anything beyond a six-track EP, called Short + Sweet, although there was also one other song recorded for inclusion on a later Bubblegum Records compilation.

This is the rather splendid guitar-orientated opening track from the EP:-

mp3: Starshy – Yimmer Yammer

But if electronica, (with what I feel is a slight nod to Jonathan Richman) is more your thing, here’s the track from the compilation:-

mp3: Starshy – 52nd and 2nd

If you like what you’re hearing today, then please take a trip to this bandcamp page where the EP can be listened to in full (for free) but digitally purchased for a small amount of money.


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