Those of you who were paying close attention this time last week might just recognise the bloke in the above picture.

Squiggles is the name of a relatively new Edinburgh-based indie punk band.  It is the brainchild of Niall McCamley, the drummer in The Spook School, who just happened to feature last time out in this alphabetical run through of Scottish singers and bands who have at least one track sitting on the hard drive of my laptop.

I said ‘relatively new’ in the previous paragraph, but Squiggles did perform and record while The Spook School were in existence, as I have this track courtesy of its inclusion on the Indietracks Compilation from the summer of 2019:-

mp3: Squiggles – Bend Becomes Break

Clocking in at just ninety seconds, it’s an energetic number offering great promise for what might follow.  A trip to the bandcamp page, reveals it was the lead track of The Recruitment Drive, a five-track EP, released in May 2019.

As you may recall from last week, The Spook School called it a day in September 2019. Niall, like so many others, wasn’t able to get anything done in 2020/21 as a result of the restrictions and lockdowns associated with COVID, but it did give him time to think about how best to develop Squiggles.

It was earlier this year that a follow-up EP, Look What We Have Done, was released.  In promoting the new EP, Niall outlined his wish for Squiggles to be ‘less a band and more of a community, dedicated to the empowering togetherness of music, and its ability to connect us to others’, which sounds exactly the sort of thing TVV should get behind.

And that’s why, when putting this piece together, I ordered physical copies of both EPs and now eagerly await their arrival with interest and anticipation.



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