The picture above should give it away that this is not a triple posting about Los Angeles……

The facts.

Can’t Get You Out of My Head was recorded by Kylie Minogue for her eighth studio album Fever (2001). Parlophone Records released the song as the album’s lead single on 8 September 2001.

Written and produced by Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis, it is a dance-pop, techno-pop and nu-disco song that is known for its “la la la” hook. Prior to pitching the song to Kylie Minogue, Davis and Dennis unsuccessfully offered it to S Club 7 and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

It went on to reach number one on charts in 40 countries worldwide. It peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. As of 2018, the track had sold over five million copies worldwide.

Swiss Adam offered up the perfect critique when he pulled together a Kylie Minogue ICA in August 2020 (and which is coming soon to you as part of the 2022 ICA World Cup).

The perfect start of the 21st-century pop song – a sleek, modern, hook laden monster, peak synthesis of music and video. Kylie in a science fiction sports car zooming around the city of the future. Kylie in a hooded robe, almost revealing everything, striking poses and doing the dance. Red shirt and black tie clad male dancers in red visors, so 2020, marching in a Kraftwerkian homage. Slow-motion Kylie on the roof of a skyscraper in a post-modern city, hips swinging from high to low in a panelled metallic mini- dress, surrounded by light bulbs flashing and dancers now dressed in black. And beneath the sheer surface and the obsession of the chorus there’s something darker, ‘a dark secret within me’, which gives the song an edge. You know this song inside out and it’s one of those rare occasions where familiarity doesn’t breed contempt.

mp3: Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

I’ve this one on CD single, as indeed do millions of others.  Here’s the two b-sides:-

mp3: Kylie Minogue – Boy
mp3: Kylie Minogue – Rendezvous At Sunset

Neither of Cathy Dennis or Rob Davis were involved in the b-sides.  I’m willing to wager a fair bit of money that very few folk actually ever played them when they purchased the single.


6 thoughts on “LA-LA-LA

  1. To quote Paul Morley from his book ‘Words and Music ‘ :’ Kylie’s song a lovely little drama about love and loss, a mesmerising observation of obsession, it is a pop piece but there is art to it as well’- he does write a lot more about it but I haven’t got a clue what he is going on about – its a great pop song – am I allowed to mention the video?

  2. I’m content to live in a Kylie Minogue-free universe. Was watching the Michael Hutchence docu a while back wondering …”why on earth did he hook up with her?”

  3. Have actually seen this live, although performed by the Flaming Lips in London (rather than Kylie!). Wayne introduced it with a story that he’d gone to see Husker Du one time and they’d played all new stuff and he felt a bit disappointed. So he made sure that the Lips played at least one song everyone would know every night – hence the Kylie cover. Support on that tour? Bob Mould!

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