The 2014 Indietracks compilation contains 56 songs, with, as far as I can tell, nine of the acts having previously featured on TVV – Allo Darlin’, The Flatmates, Hidden Camera, Just Joans, Lonely Tourist, Popguns, Spook School, TeenCanteen, and Withered Hand.

There’s been quite a few decent acts to originate or emerge out of Leeds over the years. Here’s one you night not have heard of

mp3: The Manhattan Loves Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You

From a combination of wiki and all music:-

The Manhattan Love Suicides was a UK-based rock band from Leeds, originally active between 2006 and 2009, and then again between 2013 and 2016.

With a sound directly inspired by the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Shop Assistants, and the Primitives, a black-and-blonde fashion sense, and a knack for buzzy three-minute guitar pop tunes, they were an unapologetic throwback to the sound of the British indie scene from 20 years before their time. They even took their name from a 1985 short film by Richard Kern, the “transgressive” New York filmmaker.

Their eponymous debut album was released in 2006 in the UK as vinyl-only (although it was made available in the US in CD format through the Magic Marker record label) and a 27-track compilation, entitled Burnt Out Landscapes, followed two years later.  The band reformed in 2013 with “(Never Stop) Hating You” and released a new album, More Heat! More Panic! in March 2015.

Again, this is the only song of theirs I have on the hard drive, and I’d be interested if anyone out there has any more and would consider a guest posting of some sorts, as they tick a lot of the boxes on TVV.



  1. LOVE IT!
    I’ve got the re-release of the debut but was unaware of this track. After they split they formed The Blanch Hudson Weekend who are even better. Also worth checking out is the strange offshoot Girl One and the Grease Guns where the fuzz and guitars are supplemented/ replaced by eighties sounding synths. Magic stuff. I’m no expert on them having only discovered them a year or so ago, but the bandcamp pages on all three (and the newly formed Edible Eyes) are all worth checking out.

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