A few weeks back, in offering up the opportunity to enjoy Hey Boy Hey Girl, I made reference to the fact it has been ripped from the Surrender 20th Anniversary vinyl box set.

Like all carefully curated box sets, this one things to really make the purchase worthwhile:-

– the original album, on 2 x vinyl records, transparent coloured (if that’s such a thing!)
– a 12″ mini-album, with four previously unreleased Secret Psychedelic Mixes of five songs
– a further 12″ single, containing three b-sides from the era together with two remixes by Sasha and Soulwax
– a DVD with three promos of singles lifted from Surrender along with the footage of their Glastonbury 2000 performance, which is still reckoned to have drawn the biggest ever crowd to the Pyramid Stage.
– a 28-page full size booklet with photos, essays and observations from musicians and others involved in the making of the album
– four 12″ x 12″ art prints

I was very tempted to offer up the 21-minute Secret Psychedelic Mix of Out of Control, but I feared I might have lost a few of you, possibly for all time. It is an amazing piece of music, but listening to it all the way through will leave you exhausted, especially if you dance along all the way through. Instead, here’s something a bit more gentle and soothing:-

mp3 : The Chemical Brothers – Dream On (Secret Psychedelic Mix)

The original version is the closing song on Surrender and features a vocal from Jonathan Donohue of Mercury Rev. The booklet in the box set reveals, surprisingly as far as I’m concerned, that it was the first track recorded and completed for the album.


3 thoughts on “KEEPING A PROMISE

  1. I’d be interested in hearing the 21 minute if Out Of Control. That Box set looks like a thing of wonder.

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