Having finished typing up the posting which appeared yesterday, I was immediately struck by the need to make it up for inflicting The Cowboy Song on you.

It took me all of a minute to reach into the big cupboard of vinyl, and in particular where the 7″ singles are stacked, somewhat precariously it has to be admitted, as I’ve long ago run out of the required storage space.

mp3: Orange Juice – Blue Boy
mp3: Orange Juice – Love Sick

It’s a stupendous piece of vinyl, with two of the very best Edwyn Collins compositions on offer. It has the catalogue number Postcard 80-2, and I’d love to say that my copy is a first pressing. If it was, it would have a blue label, and it would be housed in a sleeve in which the members of Orange Juice, and various friends, were supposed to hand-colour the drawing, but almost all of them ended up just being scribbled on akin to what you can see in the photo above.

As it is, my copy is the second pressing, which came with brown labels and was housed in the standard dark brown Postcard sleeve…but even then, my copy, which was picked up second-hand about twenty years ago, is housed in a plain white sleeve.  But given I paid no more than £2 for it as part of a job-lot of Scottish jingly-jangly and pop singles being sold by someone who reckoned they no longer had any need for their vinyl, then I can’t really complain.  As you’ll hear, apart from the very odd and faint pop, the vinyl on both sides of the single is in excellent condition.

I reckon that’s the first time I’ve popped the vinyl onto the turntable since acquiring the new equipment a couple of years ago.  It sounded tremendous, and I really did pick up things much more clearly than I normally do when putting it through the i-pod as an mp3.  Or maybe I just gave my ears a good clean earlier on?



  1. I’m really enjoying the early postcard tracks, its is so long since I have listened to them, bringing back memories of the NME raving about them and me heading down to Selectadisc in Nottingham to buy them without hearing the songs, such was my belief in the judgement of the NME singles page reviewers . (oh the naiveite of youth) Hoping the next will be the debut by Mexican Photographic Device

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