I really wasn’t sure how to approach today’s posting on the back of the exploits of the guest hosts these past few days.  I’ve chosen to keep things really short and, for nostalgia’s sake, to bring out the old logo one more time.

Here’s De La Soul with something a bit obvious as my way of saying thanks to the Three Masketeers for three very enjoyable and enlightening days:-

mp3: De La Soul – The Magic Number

Ah, feck it.   It’s unlikely the trio will be coming together for something of that magnitude again, so it’s time for the big reveal:-

Don Diego de la Vega (aka Zorro) – flimflanfan
Kathy Kane (aka Batwoman) – strangeways
Eustache Duager (aka The Man In The Iron Mask) – me


7 thoughts on “A TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW….

  1. It was my absolute pleasure, sirs. Thank you.

    It’s a thumbs up from me re: original logo.

  2. Just a quick nod…

    Glasgoespop tickets went on sale this morning. The 2 day festival features:

    Catenary Wires
    Jetstream Pony
    Sawnsea Sound
    The Orchids

    and more…

    5th & 6th Aug, GUU Debating Chamber, Glasgow

  3. Flimflamfan said and more, and he wasn’t kidding. On top of that stable of stars he has already mentioned are Close Lobsters, Pete Astor, Davey Woodward, June Brides and on and on. This is the best lineup I have ever seen. You Glaswegians are spoiled. Never been more jealous.

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