From this very blog in December 2016:-

In which the band finally, and deservedly, hit the Top 20.

Jimmy Jimmy is one of the finest of all the post-punk singles. It was written by John O’Neill, although many folk probably thought it was all down to singer Feargal Sharkey as he is the one pictured on the front of the sleeve holding a trophy he had won a teenager.

mp3 : The Undertones – Jimmy Jimmy

Seemingly, the song, with its sad ending, wasn’t based on anyone or on any sort of true story.

The b-side is just one of the most fun records ever made:-

mp3 : The Undertones – Mars Bars

Composed by Damien O’Neill and Michael Bradley, it’s an ode to the band’s staple diet of that era…with the chorus and some other of thre lyrics drawing inspiration from the TV ads which promoted the chocolate confectionary.  OK, it’s more or less the same tune as Jimmy Jimmy, but when it’s this good, does it really matter?

The single spent ten weeks in the chart from the end of April 1979, including a four-week run in the Top 20 without managing to climb any higher than #16.



  1. Every Undertones A-side and B-side is a joy to listen to and this is one of their very best. There weren’t so many Spars where I lived as a kid in the 1970s so we were more likely to raid the local VG shop. And whilst Mars Bar was my Dad’s favourite, I hated them, though not as much as a Curly Wurly. You really felt short changed when you got one of those as a “treat”.

  2. What a treat. A song that never disappoints.

    @ Khayem re: Curly Wurly, a true example of … “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

  3. As above: a fine start to the week. A college mate years and
    years ago put Mars Bars on a punk compilation tape and I
    loved it from the off. Fine post, JC.

  4. The best bit as a kid was how many undertones tracks you could get on one side of a C-90 …think I got 19 tracks on once!

  5. @Flimflamfan, absolutely, though equally applies to a finger of Fudge which was never “just enough” to give myself a treat.

    @Fraser, worse, it didn’t even taste like chocolate, and whatever it was instantly melted/glued to your trousers so it looked like you had shite flecks down your front. Not a great look.

    @Mike, I dug out an Undertones mixtape from the late 80s (you knew I would). I only had the 1st album and All Wrapped Up at the time, but I managed to cram a whopping 39 songs onto a C-90! Sounds like a Dubhed selection is overdue…

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